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Business Organization Sammamish

Increasing Productivity through Organization in Your Sammamish Business

Here in Sammamish and throughout the country, businesses are constantly trying to lower costs yet at the same time, trying to increase productivity. Many businesses have had to downsize their workforce, making it hard to meet the productivity and revenue goals needed to survive in today’s economy. Reducing staff is counter-productive to increasing output and over-working your existing staff can have disastrous results as well. The solution lies in creating a work environment that allows employees to make the most of their time through efficient organization.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to watch their bottom line. Although at Simply Placed we have helped large companies such as Microsoft, Comcast and Costco find organizational solutions to increasing productivity; we service small and medium sized business everyday as well. We understand that all businesses must make the most of their time and staff to be solvent and we offer tools to get the most out of every moment in the workday. Since we are headquartered right here in Sammamish, we have a unique understanding of the area and the problems local business owners and managers face.

Investing In Your Biggest Asset: Your Employees

Although here in the Northwest we love our technology, there is no greater asset to any company than its employees. When a company has engaged, organized employees that have a healthy work-life balance, the end result is more a more productive and loyal workforce. It is not just another catch phrase or trend; it is what separates companies that are successful from those who are constantly struggling.

At Simply Placed, we offer customized organizational solutions to your business’ specific needs, starting with your employees. We want to understand what frustrations your employees have, what is stopping them from being productive and what hurdles you are facing as a manager or owner. It is then our job to offer solutions that make sense for your business. The end result is employees who are less frustrated, more productive and of course, an increased bottom line.

What Does Work-Life Balance Have To Do With It?

Business Organization SammamishOne of the main areas we focus on at Simply Placed is creating a work environment that enables employees to get more done in less time. As an employer, we understand that you have goals that your employees need to meet while at work. The great news is that by using organizational systems, we can accomplish what both you and your employees want, through work-life balance.

Let us work with you to find the best way to incorporate these tools into your business. We offer tools to reduce wasted time, curb frustrations and eliminate redundant tasks. We offer individual consultations as well as group trainings and seminars to share our organizational system. By using these tools, your employees will have more time to focus on higher priorities that can increase revenue and grow your business. In the end, everyone wins.

It’s Time To Make A Change!

If you are ready to find new solutions to old problems, we are ready to help! We are not offering a philosophy; we are offering true results that can be measured and appreciated at all levels of business. If you are ready to make that change, call us for a free 15-minute phone consultation. There is no obligation or pressure, just a complimentary conversation about your needs and what our service can offer your business.

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