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Business Organization Seattle

To say business is booming in Seattle would be an understatement. With Seattle-based businesses generating more than $53 billion in taxable income in 2011 alone, our business community is moving forward at a breakneck pace. With companies like Bank of America, Comcast, Costco, Microsoft and Verizon in our own backyard, we at Simply Placed are proud to say we’ve helped employees at each and every one of them get organized and increase productivity –critical components of success.

Is Work-Life Balance Even Possible?

We offer our customized services to help our clients achieve work-life balance.  The best part is, such a thing is actually attainable.  It’s not just some myth perpetuated by magazines: as a successful businessperson, it can be your reality.

There’s a common misconception that good business operates on a 24/7 basis and that there’s no such thing as downtime.  With proper organization and productive habits, though, employees can stay focused on high priority activities, eliminating wasted time and both valuable assets to a company..  Employees whose time is respected and well utilized are infinitely stronger team members than those who feel overtaxed by their work, work environment and unnecessary daily stresses.

After putting our customized strategies and solutions in place and reaping their benefits, your business can thrive in a whole new way. Thanks to increased efficiency and productivity, 
employees will be able to achieve their goals and make consistent gains
 without burning the proverbial candle at both ends. As they work smarter and with more focus during the day, their success rates increase.  As a result, so do those of your business.

We Can Help

Business Organization SeattleConsider working with our organization and productivity consultants.  We can help your Seattle-based business focus on what’s really important:
selling your product, delivering your service, and exceeding your clients’
expectations. While we mentioned a few mega-brands from our client roster, those aren’t the only kinds of companies we partner with.  We offer individual consultations, group training, and 
customized services for the local sole proprietor, the global corporation, and everything in between. Whether you’re pivoting your business model and re-engineering your daily operations or just need a small boost to get your company out of an operational rut, we can help.

What’s the ROI?

With Simply Placed, the return on your investment is highly measurable, including outcomes like improved 
customer service, increased ability to stay focused on high-priority
 activities, increased productivity, increased revenue, decreased 
stress, and reduction in employee turnover – traditionally one of the most costly issues a business can face.

Let’s Get Started

Call us for a free 15-minute needs assessment to learn how one of our coaching sessions, seminars 
or webinars can help you and your team take your organization to the
 next level. We can’t wait to chat with you and get a sense of how we can make life in your office considerably easier.

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