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Contact Organized Project Management – Part II

Contact Organized Project Management – Part II

Debbie was interviewed by Smead for their Keeping You Organized podcast recently. For the first of the two episodes on the topic, click here. In this second episode Debbie shares additional ideas on how to be organized and productive with projects you are involved in or manage.  She discusses using mind maps as a project… Read more

Organized and Productive Project Management

Debbie was recently interviewed by Smead and featured on their Keeping You Organized podcast. She shared some insights and strategies for productive project management. She talks about why it can be difficult to get started on big projects, ideas for taking away the overwhelm and break down the project into less overwhelming pieces, preparing for… Read more

Are You Wearing Too Many Hats?

Smart small business owners often outsource services such as bookkeeping, marketing and IT, understanding that it makes more sense to pay accountants, marketing experts and IT consultants to be part of their team so that they can leverage their strengths, focusing on the things they do best and only they can do. For many smaller businesses, a project… Read more

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