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Before working with Simply Placed… I would walk into my office and immediately feel frustrated because of the mess, lack of appropriate places to put most of my things and inability to find what I was looking for. I spent a whole lot of time and energy thinking about where things should go or where things might be.

Kelly tailored everything 100% to me. No matter what I said about how I did things, how I wanted things to look, or what I did or didn’t like, she gave me solutions that fit me as an individual.

My office is perfect, but I have the rest of my entire house and a dog business run out of my downstairs, so the options are endless :).

I’m a small business owner and think very seriously about where my time and money goes. This project was well worth both. I’m confident the time and brain space I’ve gained was worth far more than the check I wrote.

Laurie Cox

We’ve worked with Simply Placed for productivity consulting and training with great results. Debbie has conducted a number of group training sessions for employees of our Spokane and Colville offices and consulted with individuals in our Downtown Seattle and Northgate offices. The feedback we’re getting from employees that have benefited from her training and individual sessions is that she’s made a significant positive impact, that the strategies she teaches are easy to implement, and employees are enjoying more efficient and effective ways of working.  We continue to choose to work with Simply Placed because they truly make a difference.

Susan Webber, Chief Human Resources Officer, Delta Dental of Washington

Before working with Simply Placed I was getting swamped with emails and having difficulty with organization. Now I am able to clean out my email box (almost) entirely by the end of each day. I feel more efficient and effective as a team leader and my business is benefitting. Debbie and Simply Placed was great to work with and provided valuable insight.”

Ed Harper, Ed Harper Law (

Thank you Debbie for your recent productivity training and consulting at Plum Creek. I have received nothing but positive feedback so far, so we are very happy with the engagement.

You will be happy to know I am ‘processing to zero’ and have started using date stamped tasks. So far so good, I still have a ways to go with paper files, office clutter, etc but I’m feeling much better about my own organization, tasks, and priority management.

Thanks again,

Duane Anderson, Manager, GIS Services, Plum Creek

I benefitted from your training, particularly from an organizational standpoint. Some of the training we receive seems “theoretical” whereas your training was more “applied”. I have already seen tangible value from adopting some of the practices you suggested. I have a better grasp of my to-do list as well as a summary of my accomplishments for the week.


Stephen Alberty, Plum Creek, IT Services – Timber

I absolutely loved your class. I feel so inspired to continue organizing many aspects of my life! It was by far the most interesting and helpful course that I’ve taken since joining Plum Creek in 2006.


Rachel Harvey, Plum Creek

We thoroughly enjoyed having Debbie Rosemont speak to our membership at our Issaquah Chamber Membership Luncheon on April 20th! Her Ten steps to help minimize procrastination resonated with everyone in      attendance and I know I will be applying these steps to my work and personal life to assist me with my productivity. We can’t wait to have her speak at our upcoming July Business University Seminar!

Tricia Barry, Director of Events & Communications, Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce

Thank you on behalf of CREW Seattle & Sound for your contribution in making our March Education event a success. Your expertise in addressing e-mail disorganization by using simple methods and systems to manage time and email effectively will be a great benefit to all who attended. Also, we want you to know we have received very positive feedback from the attendees about the quality of the event and information provided. Thanks again from CREW Seattle & Sound for the new ideas and exciting information!

Heather Downey, CREW Seattle & Sound Director of Education

Debbie Rosemont delivered an exceptional presentation to my group on how to minimize procrastination and achieve goals. Throughout her talk, her professionalism and depth of knowledge was clear as was her skill in warmly engaging her audience. Debbie delivered specific tools and actions attendees could implement right away, providing great value to my group.

In addition, I’ve personally hired Debbie to help me become more productive in my own business. She quickly accessed areas of need and provided step-by-step ideas for improvement. I’m always impressed with her ability to go straight to a problem area and deliver a spot-on solution. I recommend Debbie and her Simply Placed team with complete confidence.

Lynn Baldwin-Rhoades, Power Chicks International

As an HR professional, the number of papers and requests I field feels never ending. I now finally feel I can leave the office feeling accomplished and organized. When I come into the office in the morning, I feel confident about my planned activities and have the tools for the most productive day possible. The greatest impact the GO System has had has been to clean up my mental clutter and to get the most important work done first and in the least amount of time. I’d highly recommend this to any working professional who is looking to do their best.

Lindsay Caldwell, Comcast

I took a lot of the tools/tips and applied them at home for my family. We have set up a filing system to keep track of what goes on with our 4 kids still at home, and my husband’s business (self-employed contractor). I have found I can more quickly locate what I need, and am not running around last minute finding permission slips, party invitations, or football game schedules.

At work, I feel that I am finally able to just reach in a drawer, find the right file, and act upon what I need to do. Little or no searching involved!! I even have “files” in my Outlook, and I know right where a follow up e-mail is.

Chelle Weaver, Comcast

For the first time ever, my work in-box is under control. I have stopped checking it through the day-just at set times. Whereas I used to have over 200+ e-mails in my in-box at any given time, I currently have 14.

I have a file at home now to organize bills and other things. It feels good to finally be in control. It is hard for me to follow up every single day and sometimes I skip, but thanks to the system I know exactly where I left off and exactly what needs to be done and when.

Maren Williams-Melius, Comcast

Since I became more organized, it actually assisted in my latest promotion. I’ve gotten so many compliments on how organized and up to date on things I am! I’ve gotten compliments on how much space I have at my desk now because it’s so organized and I’m able to produce that report that came from nowhere but is due today if you know what I mean! And I don’t freak out about it, I just re-group and re-organize and prioritize and somehow it all gets done!

Sadie Blakeman, Comcast

I wanted to let you know that Lacey has come to both my office and home to help me set up an efficient system for all my paper work. I am so pleased with what we have accomplished together and have found it to be very effective. She has suggested some wonderful strategies for getting organized, which in turn has provided me with some relief.

Thank, you, I will strongly suggest you and your team to my co-workers and friends.

Shawna Beresford, Counselor, Eastlake High School

The GO System has helped me organize the hundreds of emails and interruptions I am inundated with on a daily basis. I was able to use the GO System paper filing system and migrate it into existing software for me to better manage project and follow up tasks. Now I don’t have to rely on my memory and fewer items are slipping through the cracks.

Steve Rohde, Microsoft

Debbie is a consummate professional: she has successfully galvanized her corporate know-how, psychology training and organizational wisdom into a not-to-be-missed GO System seminar that is perfect for any business leader in charge of their company’s reputation. The more organized and effective you and your staff are with your time and talents, the more successful your business will be. I especially recommend Debbie’s Go System training for entire company teams or departments, enabling all contributors to use the same effective, productive methods. Simply put: Debbie Rosemont and her Go System Training will help your company become more organized, focused, competitive, and profitable!

Laura E. Peterson, Owner, Five Spot Communications

I’ve been working with Simply Placed and I love it! Last week when I went to my personal accountant to prepare my taxes, I can’t tell you how EASY it was! I use the Freedom Filer system for both my personal records as well as CEF’s records.

What a difference it has made in my life!

Lacey comes in once a month to file for me and because we use the Freedom Filer system, she knows exactly where to put everything. She even pulled the files that I needed to tax to my tax accountant for me. When I walked into this appointment and simply handed him my nicely labeled and organized files, he said “WOW! This is different than all the past years. Great Job”. I then proceeded to tell him about SimplyPlaced and the Freedom Filer system, etc.
Usually, my tax accountant keeps asking me for more of my records, etc. He has not had to ask me for ANYTHING else to complete my taxes as all the records were given to him as they were all nice and neatly filed.

Thank you Debbie, Lacey and SimplyPlaced!!!

Dellann Elliott, Chris Elliott Fund

The Go System class and associated materials have really helped “clear the mind” and focus on the most important projects I have on my plate each week. I would highly recommend the program to not only professionals managing their workloads at the office, as well as anyone interested in improving focus and efficiency in their personal lives.

Anne Wilbur, Microsoft

I have always been a stacker. With the Go System I now have an easy to retrieve place for each and every piece of paper that comes across my desk. I am now more productive than I have ever been because I am not wasting time searching through my stacks. Also, the capture cards are genius. I get countless verbal requests throughout the day from my colleagues, clients and family members. Now I have a place for those verbal requests and don’t have to worry about forgetting to follow through. My brain can now rest and focus on higher priorities.

Abby Durr, Silverage

I quickly implemented the GO system at work and I am loving it! It’s very quick to go through the day and organize what is priority and what can wait if need be. Using the index cards to capture the smallest of tasks has been invaluable; I don’t drop the ball on anything anymore! Remembering “Right Now” stopped me from jumping from task to task before completing the task at hand. I am more productive and don’t spend idol time thinking “what should I work on next,” as it’s laid out right in front of me. The Go system makes it a snap to adjust priorities as the day progresses. Even as an already organized person, this system took me to the next level!

Thank you!

Victoria Stedman, Comcast

Great Class. There are not very many classes that you are able to start using immediately, and see results. Thanks for giving me the gift of time.

Dan Littlefield, Comcast

The tools, tips, and techniques I learned in this workshop will transform my business-make one more productive, effective, and less stressed. But it will also impact my ability to manage my household in a huge way. Thank you for packing in the value in such a brief amount of time.

Pam Jackson, The Growth Coach

The Go System was a lifesaver for me. In all things electronic I am very organized, but paper paralyzes me. And since we haven’t yet become a paperless society, I had to learn a way to manage it. Debbie’s seminar gave me all the tools I needed to get a handle on the problem, and her no-nonsense approach to organization left me feeling like I could really do it from the moment I left class. The best thing I learned is that multi-tasking is the opposite of focus – what I thought I was doing well was really hurting my business! So now I devote 20% of my day to what is really important and manage my tasks instead of letting them manage me. Thank you, Debbie, for helping me realize how much the clutter was holding me back from my professional and financial goals.

Betsy Talbot, Married with Luggage

Anyone in business today has more “things” to be done than can be squeezed into a day with all of the phone calls, emails, instant messages, associate interruptions, etc. Debbie helped our entire sales and support team learn how to handle more tasks in a single day, just by organizing the things that need to be done and following the system. Debbie’s teaching style is informative, engaging and entertaining. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to get more accomplished in the same or fewer hours.

P.R., Net Solutions North America, Redmond

First of all, the systems are in place and working perfectly. I am truly more efficient and productive. If you need a reference, please have them call me.

R.E., Washington Property Solutions, Bellevue

I want to tell any business person who is feeling overwhelmed, to spend the time and money to let Debbie get your time back. You will get more focused, proactive and lower your stress level!

D.B., Atlas Inspection Technologies, Inc., Seattle

Your presentation to our PTA membership was much appreciated…You packed a lot of information into a short time, and I appreciate that you were willing to work within our time constraints…I highly recommend you to anyone who needs some help organizing at home, or to a group such as ours (parents of children in preschool – 5th grade). You know what it’s like to have young children at home, and you gave us practical tips to manage some of the chaos they can create. Being more organized allows us to spend more time with them, and what could be better than that?

R.L., Phantom Lake Elementary, seminar client

The time came to hire Simply Placed when I realized I was spending so much time finding space for my “stuff,” that I didn’t have time to figure out a better way of organizing. Debbie and Lacey came to my rescue with their expertise. Debbie and Lacey have so much experience behind them that they know the strategies, the products, and the motivational tips to put useful, expandable systems into place-in the least amount of space. By the end of two sessions, I felt a sense of accomplishment and a load being lifted off me. In fact, I felt downright energized. Thank you, Debbie and Lacey!

Kristy Law, Lifestyled 

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