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Do You Have Accountability in your Tool Kit?

Accountability as a productivity tool

Recently, Debbie was interviewed as a Productivity Expert for “Keeping You Organized”, a podcast with national office supply and organizing product company, Smead. In it, she discussed the concept of accountability and how it can be used as a productivity tool. 

What is Accountability?

In Part 1 of the podcast, Debbie talks about what accountability means, the role of an accountability partner, and how to choose one.

How to Structure an Accountability Partnership

In Part 2, she discusses how to structure an accountability partnership and how you might handle it if you think it might be time to “break up”.

Have you ever used an accountability partner to help you achieve your goals? You might be surprised how motivating and powerful it can be to share your goals with someone else. If you could use help moving a goal forward and you don’t already have an accountability partner, think about someone you could ask to do this for you.

If you could use help implementing accountability in your life, our “It’s About Time” virtual productivity program is also a great place to start. Through it, you’ll join a community of like-minded individuals where accountability is built-in. Do you have goals you’d like to move forward, or a productivity challenge you could use help overcoming? Take the first step and register today to join us. It’s about time!


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