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Always Replacing Filing Tabs? Try Reusable Tabs!

We’ve blogged in the past about periodically checking your home and work filing systems for faded, ripped and worn tabs and replacing them. Instead of tossing your old tabs and replacing them on a regular basis, invest in plastic dry erase file tabs.

They are reusable and sustainable and can easily clip on to any files or folders, the durable plastic tabs can also be used to label trays and letter sorters.

Filertek makes reusable plastic tabs that come in packs of 12, 25 or 50. Each pack includes a dry erase pen to label each tab. The tabs have a protective plastic cover that prevents smudging. And if your filing needs are often changing, they are easy to move around and re-label without having to purchase anything additional. They are also great if you want to make your home or office system more customized.

What products do you use to keep your filing system looking good? We want to know!

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