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Easy Semi-Annual Reminder

Before you go to bed tonight, remember to “spring forward” and set your clocks ahead one hour.

I bet you’re pretty good about remembering to change your clocks twice a year. There are reminders all around us – in the newspaper, on televised news, on the internet, and even from your friendly Professional Organizer.

In our productivity workshops we teach participants to tie a new habit they’re trying to develop to something they already do routinely. This takes the need to remember to do the new thing away.

You routinely change your clocks semi-annually, right? Let’s leverage that. What other  task do you need or want to do twice a year? Change your smoke detector batteries? Clean out a file drawer? Purge your closet? Clean out your fridge, freezer and pantry? Tie this semi-annual task with “spring forward” and “fall back” dates and you’ll never forget!

What will you choose? We want to know.

Bring on the extra daylight!

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