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End the Paper Pain with the FreedomFiler

Most filing systems take too long to file into and require unnecessary maintenance.  It’s no wonder everyone says they hate filing! FreedomFiler’s self-purging home filing system does the work of managing files for you. After setting up your system, you will never again have to set aside time to clear out and reorganize files! You can imagine that you’ve checked off that nagging to-do from your list for the rest of your life. FreedomFiler’s remarkably simple system instantly locates the papers you need by keeping out the ones you don’t need. Using optimal folder names, FreedomFiler makes filing paper in most cases is as easy as dropping it in the trash. You’ll simply never want to file any other way. Wondering how long to keep certain types of paper? The FreedomFiler makes document retention easy. Its a filing SYSTEM, not just a bunch of files.



§         Free yourself from ever having to review and clean out files!

§         Have all your documents immediately available at tax time

§         Eliminate the need to set up new folders or re-label files each year

§         Easily locate receipts for returns, vendor disputes, resale, and IRS audits

§         Keep current policies and up-to-date personal files at your fingertips

§         Finish routine filing in five seconds or less!

§         Hand-write or print custom labels with any word processor

§         Ideal for any single person, family, or home business


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