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Feeling Stuck? Bust Out of Your Productivity Rut Today.

Feeling Stuck? Bust out of Your Productivity Rut Today

If you’re feeling stuck on something or unable to make forward progress toward projects or goals, you’re not alone. Whether it is a lack of motivation or lack of clear direction, procrastination is real! 

Feeling stuck on something big or small can really put a wrench in your productivity. By utilizing these tips and tricks to overcome periodic roadblocks, you can boost your creativity and productivity. Knowing what your next steps are will leave you feeling confident in your direction moving forward. 

Next time you’re feeling stuck, try these easy tips to spark creativity and productivity:


Let your brain switch from its Executive Network, which is used for planning, organizing, focusing and completing tasks, to its Default Network, allowing the mind to wander, daydream, brainstorm, etc. Try going out into nature and experiencing peacefulness away from your typically busy day-to-day life. While you’re relaxing, keep an open mind, let it wander and bring you new ideas.

Get curious and break from tradition

Ask “what if” with genuine curiosity. Allow yourself to make connections between things that don’t necessarily seem connected. Get out of “functional fixedness” where you only see your resources as having one particular use. Think outside of the box about the tools and resources you already have available to you. 

Be mindful

Focus on your breathing and be mindful of the present moment. Try to balance your wandering mind by slowing your thoughts down and not allowing yourself to feel overwhelmed by them. Notice and experience your thoughts without assigning arbitrary emotions to them. Instead of thinking about what you are stuck on, try focusing on the colors, sizes, shapes, and textures of the things around you. Appreciate the beauty of nature. 

Change the scenery

Change your surroundings and cultivate awe. Visit a spot with a view that makes you say “wow” and reconsider the importance you place on trivial aspects of daily life. Look at the sky full of stars at night or wake up early to catch a beautiful sunrise. Expansive natural views have a way of inspiring us and changing our perspective on little things. 

Find your happy place

Go to your happy place in your own mind if you can’t actually be there in person. Unfortunately, we all can’t live on the beach with the sound of waves crashing in our backyard, but we can all close our eyes and imagine the perfect beach with a perfect sunset—if you’re into that type of thing! You can also use technology to add a little happy place to your current reality. Pull up a cozy fireplace video or some ocean sounds on YouTube for an added touch. Even if you can’t physically visit the place that has you feeling fabulous, conjuring up images, sounds, even smells that mentally “bring” you there can impact your breakthrough.

Change your setting

Move your workplace if you can. Now and then, gather your things and try working in a new location, like a coffee shop you’ve never visited. Get out of your usual work patterns and allow new surroundings to provide some new stimuli for your brain. Additionally, give your energy and brain power a boost by moving your body. Take a walk outside, go for a swim, take a shower, get the mail. Do something that requires you to get up and move around, no matter how small. 

Eliminate distractions

Reduce the stimuli around you as much as you can. Turn off your phone and TV, avoid social media and the internet for a while. Go to a quiet space with not many people around if you are able. This will help keep your thoughts from jumping around so much and allow you to focus better on the decision at hand.

Map it out

Create a mind map of your ideas. Try to visualize various potential outcomes and possibilities of what might happen in different scenarios involving whatever it is you are stuck on and the different routes you could take. Write out all of these different outcomes so you can visualize the options. Make pros and cons lists for each one if you’re still feeling stuck. 

If you still can’t seem to get un-stuck using some of these tips, try letting your brain make decisions while you’re sleeping – dream! Allow your brain to process information, make connections, and solve problems while you’re asleep, and awake with a new sense of clarity. 

If still you find you’re “stuck”, Simply Placed can help, too! Take your first step toward getting “un-stuck” by scheduling your free, no risk Discovery Call today!

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