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Green Moving: Tips for a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Moving can result in a lot of waste.  Stop creating mounds of trash for yourself and go green during your next move!

1. Drop the cardboard embrace reusable containers. The worst part of moving can be collecting cardboard boxes and then having to break them all down afterwards. Instead, try using plastic containers.  FROGBOX drops off plastic moving boxes before your move, then comes back and picks them up from you after you’re done unpacking. Check out Have Your Heard of FROGBOX for more information about using them during your move.

2. Ditch the old packing peanuts. Traditionally, packing peanuts are made from polystyrene which takes hundreds of years to decompose in nature. Instead, opt for eco-friendly “peanuts,” some even dissolve in water or can be composted for your garden! You could also forgo the peanuts altogether and use the much easier to recycle old newspaper method.

3. Read labels for “biodegradable” or “recycleable” before you buy. Most packing supplies are available in an eco-friendly form. Take your time to examine the products before making your purchase.

4. Don’t shuttle, get one big truck to do the job. Shuttling your belongings back and forth in your own car will cause a lot more pollution. Try hiring a moving company that uses trucks running on biodiesel. Even if they don’t use have an eco-friendly option, making one trip is better than several. Need a recommendation? We have moving companies we’ve used for client projects before that we’re happy to recommend. Just ask!

In need of some more moving tips and tricks? Check out our previous blog posts Tips For Getting Settled, A New Place to Call Home, A Happy Packer and Movin’ on Out. Looking for some hands on help? No problem! Let us know how we can be a resource to you during your next move.

How do you reduce your carbon footprint while moving?  We want to know!

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