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Full or Half-Day Workshops

Build a solid foundation of productivity and time management habits to transform your team.


We design our immersive workshops to instigate change and build core competencies from the ground up.

Leaders who offer this training regularly see the greatest return on investment, allowing them to:

  • Create a culture of focus, organization, and productivity
  • Decrease productivity-killing stress and anxiety in their workforce 
  • Improve employees’ ability to follow through on assignments and priorities, recover quickly from unexpected interruptions and get more done in less time 

Select one of the following, or assemble any of our Targeted Presentations to customize a program that addresses your organization’s specific needs:

The Best Laid Plans

Gain the skills to:

Plan effectively and set SMART goals

Prevent procrastination

Develop productive habits and accountability

Leverage Mind Mapping as a brainstorming and planning tool

Get It Done

Gain the skills to:

Overcome multitasking and learn how to focus

Prevent distraction, procrastination and interruptions

Develop productive habits for effective time management, task management and prioritization

Optimize Outlook

Gain the skills to:

Process email efficiently

Organize electronic reference materials effectively

Write concise, high-impact emails

Save time with Quickparts, Quicksteps and other Outlook shortcuts

Manage and prioritize To-Dos with Outlook Tasks

Reduce email quantity and minimize unnecessary email

Unearth Your Desk

Gain the skills to:

Arrange your work area, desk, files and papers for optimal productivity

Develop productive habits to maintain a well-organized, clutter-free work environment

People Power

Gain the skills to:

Plan and run efficient meetings

Delegate effectively

Communicate clearly

Customize Your Own!

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Your ROI

Knocking down productivity barriers results in time and money savings. For example (numbers run on a set of employees earning an average salary of $45,000 p/year – ROI is higher if average salary is higher):

  • A savings of 30 minutes a day translates to $2,760 a year per employee
  • Having 25 employees in a single class or program, each saving 30 minutes a day, results in the company better spending OVER $69,000 per year! Having 100 new hires take our Optimized Employee Onboarding Program and each conservatively saving 30 minutes a day results in the company better spending OVER $276,000 per year!

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