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Targeted Presentations

Let us build a workshop series customized for your group.

We offer ten presentations, powerfully delivered in 45-60 minutes to help quickly jumpstart positive habits. These presentation topics are the building blocks of our longer workshops and comprehensive programs.

Multitasking Makes You Stupid

Experience the pitfalls of multitasking and uncover the power of focus to get more done. Learn how to apply focus in chaotic environments by concentrating on one thing at a time.

Email Intervention

Manage the inbox firehose to keep you productive. Implement 5 strategies to efficiently and effectively reduce, manage and improve the quality of email so it doesn’t manage you.

Plan for Success

Learn how to plan intentionally and achieve desired results by setting SMART goals, and learn 7 strategies that increase the rate of success for achieving goals.

What Are You Waiting For?

Discover why procrastination happens as we discuss the 10 most common reasons and specific, smart strategies to conquer procrastination now, instead of later.

Cross It Off the List

Learn the difference between values, goals, projects and tasks, plus strategies for developing productive habits to effectively prioritize tasks, manage time and get the work done.

Unearth Your Desk

Discuss sequence for clearing clutter and techniques for setting up efficient work environment. Learn to organize your workspace for maximum productivity.

We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This

Make meetings relevant and productive. Learn simple techniques for conducting effective meetings and deliberate how to implement them in real life. Get 10X more out of each meeting.

Help Me, Rhonda!

Learn how to delegate effectively and with confidence, allowing degrees of control to be passed to others so as to free up your time. Learn to receive work from others with enough clarity to move forward and deliver consistently and confidently.

Map It Out

Discover and practice a brainstorming methodology, “mind mapping,” to help unleash creativity, plan projects, solve problems and get unstuck.

Network Effectively

Networking is a critical skill for building relationships, making connections and growing business. Learn how to network in an organized and effective way, maximizing efforts and getting results.

Schedule a Workshop Series

Scheduling a series allows for new habit development to build over time for those who sign up for multiple classes, and allows employees to pick topics they feel are most critical.

If your company or group would like a Simply Placed expert to speak on a specific topic, we would be more than happy to customize a session for your group.

Contact Debbie Rosemont at 206.579.5743 or for pricing information, additional details, or to schedule a session or series in your office.

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