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Targeted Presentations

Improve workplace productivity and time management in just 60 minutes.

Jumpstart positive habits during your lunch hour with our powerful ‘bite size’ presentations

We offer several targeted presentations, offered in-person or via webinar and powerfully delivered in 45-60 minutes to help quickly jumpstart positive habits. These presentation topics are the building blocks of our longer workshops and comprehensive programs.


Want noticeable results but not sure if you’re ready to commit to a longer training session?  

Our Targeted Presentations are the building blocks of all Simply Placed group trainings.  They’re a great way to test-drive our methods and sneak valuable instruction into a quick morning meeting–or to include as a feature or breakout session in a larger conference or retreat.

We understand that a full or half-day workshop may not be feasible for your busy organization.  We’ve designed these mini-trainings–neatly packaged in approximately 60-minute time blocks–to provide maximum ROI.

Choose from:

Multitasking Makes You Stupid

Experience the pitfalls of multitasking and uncover the power of focus to get more done. Learn how to apply focus in chaotic environments by concentrating on one thing at a time.

Email Intervention

Manage the inbox fire-hose to keep you productive. Implement five strategies to efficiently and effectively reduce, manage and improve email quality, so it doesn’t manage you.

Plan for Success

Learn how to plan intentionally and achieve desired results by setting SMART goals, and learn seven strategies that increase the rate of success in achieving goals.

What Are You Waiting For?

We discuss the ten most common reasons for procrastination and specific strategies to conquer it now instead of later.

Cross It Off the List

Learn the difference between values, goals, projects and tasks, plus strategies for developing productive habits to effectively prioritize tasks, manage time and get the work done.

Unearth Your Desk

Discuss a sequence and process for clearing clutter and techniques for setting up an efficient work environment. Learn to organize your workspace for maximum productivity.

We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This

Get ten times more out of each meeting. Learn simple techniques for conducting productive and effective meetings and how to implement them in real life. 

Help Me, Rhonda!

Learn how to delegate effectively and confidently, allowing degrees of control to be passed to others to free up your time. Learn to receive work from others, allowing you to move forward and deliver efficiently.

Map It Out

Discover and practice mind mapping–a brainstorming methodology that helps to unleash creativity, plan projects, solve problems and get unstuck.

Leveraging Your Network for Productivity

Networking is a critical skill for building relationships, making connections and growing business. Learn how to network in an organized and effective way, maximizing efforts and getting results.

Organize to Optimize

Understand the cost of disorganization and learn practical, easy-to-implement strategies to organize your space, workflow, time and priorities so you can focus on what matters with less stress.

Maximize Your Energy to Optimize Your Productivity

Time management and work-life balance are a myth! Learn strategies to regularly practice self-care, increase and maintain your focus, energy, and productivity, and experience work-life harmony 

Work Productively From Anywhere

Working from home or in a hybrid situation present unique challenges. Learn strategies to help you control what you can, have an organized space you can work from with minimal distraction, start your day on the right foot, and stay focused on priorities to get essential tasks done, no matter where you are working.

Time Management Essentials: Get the Right Things Done

Being busy does not equal being productive.  Learn how to define productivity, effectively identify priorities, plan to get the right things done and consistently produce results

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Book now – this is certainly training that will reduce stress and increase productivity on all levels.”

~ Linda Lay, Director of Sales and Account Management, Delta Dental of Washington

Want to take productivity to the next level?

  • Schedule a presentation series to allow habits to build over time and boost engagement by enabling employees to pick topics they feel are most critical.
  • Request a half or full-day workshop.  We’ll work with you to customize a deep dive into one of the topics above or combine several. Handpick relevant topics with your team to create a unique and targeted training session.
  • Opt for implementation support to ensure your employees are putting new habits into practice with accountability and follow-up instruction. Learning is the foundation, but action makes it happen.
  • Choose a program – comprised of elements from all three building blocks–customized to the unique needs of your team.  This service delivers the maximum ROI for companies who value peak productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Productivity and organization are essential to the success of your organization.

Invest now and watch your bottom line increase.

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If your company or group would like a Simply Placed expert to speak on a specific topic, we would be more than happy to customize a session for your group.

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