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What Could Your Business Do With $69,000?

Learn to Effectively Manage Employee Email

Our last post touched on the costs of disorganization – salary dollars lost due to time wasted looking for things, and some of the more hidden but significant costs such as poor customer service, lost sales opportunities, higher employee turnover, and lower client retention.

Even if you are already thinking that you or your employees would benefit from improved productivity and organization, you may be wondering how to quantify the return on investment you might realize from productivity training or consulting. It can actually be pretty simple to calculate how much common productivity leaks cost and how much you stand to gain by fixing them.

Let’s take a simple example, using a common productivity challenge just about everyone can relate to: email. These days email consumes so much of most peoples’ time, that learning how to manage email more efficiently can make a significant impact in productivity and ultimately your bottom line. Email is a bit like parenting; most people just find themselves thrown into doing it, with no instruction manual or training. It consumes a huge amount of time, and can be quite overwhelming since it is keeps growing; without structure and discipline it can quickly get out of control and cause a lot of stress.

Imagine if you could process even just 15 fewer emails per day than you do now. In this brief video, Debbie illustrates how that can translate to $2,760 in salary dollars saved annually for just one employee earning $45K… that’s a whopping $69K for 25 employees (at the same salary)! The investment in teaching those employees how to more efficiently process fewer emails would quickly pay for itself and result in significant savings realized year after year.

Our Email Interventation workshop is a popular topic among our targeted presentations and an often requested component of our group training programs and individual consulting. We teach people smart strategies for how to minimize email volume, compose better emails, and process and manage email more efficiently, thereby reducing email overwhelm and freeing up more time to focus on high priority tasks.

If you would like to improve productivity in your workplace, contact us to learn how our Productivity Consultants can customize training for you and your team.

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