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It’s the time of year for friends and family to reunite and celebrate with one another. Some travel to see family and friends, some travel during a seasonal break from school or work to fun vacation desitinations and “get away” from it all. In either case, joyful anticipation usually fills the air, but for some, there’s also a feeling of dread, when they think about the planning, logistics, lines and potential headaches that can accompany holiday travel.

Does getting ready for a trip, or simply the thought of it, overwhelm you?  We gave some organized travel tips a couple of weeks ago that you might find helpful. Additionally, we spoke to a professional Travel Agent, Tracey Gilbert with Cruise Holidays of Woodinville to get her ideas for smooth sailing (or travels). Whether you’re going by planes, trains or automobile, here are some tips:

1. International Traveler: If you are traveling internationally, notify your credit card company of your travel plans.  Simply call the toll free number on the back of the card and let them know your travel dates and destination.  This will avoid the bank from putting a hold on your card because they think it is being used fraudulently when they start seeing those charges from Rome!

2. Show Me Some ID: Make sure you have consulted with your Travel Agent or trip provider to understand all the proper documentation required.  Passports are now required for almost all international travel, even to Canada.  Some countries such as China, Russia, Brazil, Australia and Turkey require visas for travel.  Did you know that to take a minor child without both parents internationally requires a notarized letter of authorization from the non-traveling parent?  Consulting with a Travel Agent can save you time, money and stress, since they will make sure you’re aware of regulations, requirements and can help with logistical arrangements, among many things.

3. It’s All About Order: When you organize your travel documents for your trip, put your travel details and or vouchers in order of use.  For example, start with your parking reservation for the airport, your airline confirmation, your car rental or transfer details and then your hotel reservation.  Once you have your paperwork in chronological order, tuck it into a folder or document holder.  You can then add your passports and or visas as necessary.

4. Less Worry Equals More Fun: Spending a little time prior to your trip and some simple organization can help make your trip worry and hassle free.

Found these tips to be helpful or perhaps you have a travel destination in mind you would like to feel better prepared for? Please feel free to contact Tracey herself at the information provided below.

Here’s to happy, safe, and worry-free holiday travels!


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