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How Consistent Habits and Systems Can Alleviate Stress in Times of Uncertainty

Habits and Systems

It is no secret that we are living through unprecedented, historically significant events right now. If you’re anything like us, the daily changes and constantly evolving information in the news cycle is probably making you feel stressed and out of sorts. 

While there is plenty that we cannot control — especially in times like these — getting a handle on what we can control can give us the time we need to process our emotions or give a little extra attention to acts of self-care. After all, as the adage goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup. 

With that in mind, here are a few tips on consistent organizational habits that can make a world of difference in feeling like you’ve got more things under control, and alleviating additional stress. 

If you aren’t using these tactics now, times of life change are an ideal point to reassess and incorporate these activities as part of your routine. 

Processing System

Establishing how you will process new items as they come in is key to maintaining consistent time-saving habits. Without a process in place, it is likely that any other systems you implement will go to the wayside. Having a “go to” process in place enables you to maintain organization as a continual activity, not a one-time event. 

Action System

By putting an action system into place, you are establishing a way to follow up on items that are not a priority at the moment, while also ensuring you don’t lose track of them for the future. 

An example would be an old fashion Tickler system. Start by creating a physical or digital folder for each month and days 1-31 within each month. When an item comes in, you would place it into the appropriate folder of the month and day which you need to follow up or take action on that item. 

Reference Filing System

One great rule to establish is a file naming convention that you stick to! Start by asking yourself how you will search for a material six months from now and apply names that make sense in relation to what that item is, or the category that it pertains to. 

This will help to manageably place like items together, and make it much easier to find them for future reference. (Hint: You can get tips on how to do this in our Digital Disorder Guide, sign up to receive it on the homepage). 

Another key component for success when forming new habits is that of accountability. Often, habits stick best when we feel we have someone rooting for us. The “It’s About Time” program is an online organizational program that can help set you up for success by providing positive, consistent accountability and resources from a community of like-minded individuals. 

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Each month, we focus the program on a specific topic. Some of our most popular topics are coming up in the next few months and include: 

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