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How to Pack Lunches with Ease

The school year/back to work routine is officially here!  We have been blogging about ways to make the transition an easy one and one more way to do that, is to have a lunch packing station stocked with a few essential supplies.  You might ask why we recommend packing a lunch instead of buying lunch at school or eating out.  The main benefits we see to bringing a lunch to school or work is that it is usually healthier than eating out, it is money saving, it is time saving (when you don’t have to go out to sit down for lunch or search for places to eat) and more environmentally friendly (when you use food storage containers).

There are so many great new food storage containers available at places like Storables, The Container Store and Rubbermaid.  Here are just a few of our favorite suggestions:

2 compartment collapsible lunch box

Lunch Cubes

Klip-It Lunch Containers

Rubbermaid TakeAlong Food Storage Containers

Sandwich Sacks

Snack Sacks

Patterned Neoprene Gourmet Getaway Tote

To make lunch making and packing an easy and quick process, it is ideal to have a lunch packing station in your kitchen.  You can use a stool for younger kids so they are involved in the process.  It is best to include your kids when you can and have them help make their own lunches.  If you haven’t already, be sure to stock your pantry with lunch making essentials.  Ask your kids what healthy options they prefer to keep them interested in what they are eating.  Keep their lunch carries and lunch packing supplies close by.

Try thinking outside the box when it comes to food items…the same sandwich and carrots everyday might not be appealing to a lot of kids (or adults, for that matter).

It is helpful to create a nightly or morning lunch packing routine.  If you prefer to do this in the evening, maybe it issomething you do as you clean up the kitchen from dinner (using left-overs for lunch is one idea) or the last thing you do before the kids go to bed.  If this is part of your morning routine, just make sure you have enough time so that you aren’t rushed.

Let us know what your favorite lunch items are…we love to hear from you!

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