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Launching Pad

Does it drive you crazy when your kids walk in the door from school and start tossing their bags, coats and shoes on the floor?  Does it seem like you just can’t keep your house organized?  We have a solution that could help!  As this school year begins, try creating a launching pad – an area specifically designed for kids backpacks, shoes, books, coats, etc.  This will help keep your home tidy as well as help make the morning rush a smooth one!

Mudrooms and laundry rooms make great places for launching pad areas.  You can also use a coat closet or perhaps and area just inside your garage.  It doesn’t really matter where the launching pad is as long as it is easy to get to and well organized.  We recommend using a few simple organizing products to create your space…hooks for bags and coats, a shoe rack for shoes, a bench for seating and some cubbies to store other belongings like hats, gloves, etc.  If space allows, the launching pad could also be a place to keep store returns, library books, outgoing mail, etc., so you will remember to take these out the door when you go.

It works really well to have individual cubbies for each child or family member.  This way everyone will have a space just for them!  The important thing to remember is to teach your kids to take off their coats and shoes right when they come in the door from school and to put them directly in the launching pad area (coats on the hooks and shoes on the shoe rack).  After homework is completed for the evening, help your kids re-pack their bag for the next school day and hang it up in the launching pad area.  Our hope is that the launching pad area will make each morning this school year a lot easier on everyone.

We hope you and your family have a great school year!

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