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Mesa De Vida’s Menu Planning Services – For an Organized, Healthy Lifestyle!


Looking for ways to be organized to live a healthy lifestyle?  Do you enjoy cooking and want to save time and money on planning, grocery shopping while enjoying healthy, delicious meals?  We’ve found a new resource for you:  A menu subscription plan, Menus by Mesa de Vida, created by Personal Chef, Kirsten Helle.

What you get:
  • Weekly Menu plan for 5 dinners, plus a bonus healthy dessert recipe delivered to your email box every Friday at 7:00am- go shopping over the weekend in half the time and be ready for the week ahead!
  • Detailed grocery list, simply formatted for printing, with only what you need for the week – no more throwing away money on groceries that go in the trash!
  • Easy to follow recipes – also simply formatted if you want to print, that are fresh, affordable and include items you can find in most grocery stores
  • Every month you subscribe you get  new amazing recipes that you can reference again and again, saved right on your computer

Each Weekly Menu Includes:

  • A weekly meal plan for 5 healthy dinners and one bonus dessert (Why 5? Most families eat out once or so a week and the other night you may want to implement a family favorite or enjoy leftovers)
  • Recipes written for 4 servings, unless otherwise noted. Easily adjust to your family’s needs
  • Mostly quick, easy meals but a few that may expand your palate a bit or teach you a new technique or ethnic cooking style!
  • Suggestions on many meals that let you know they are fantastic for doubling or will make a large amount – perfect for planned, easy lunches!
  • Healthy, balanced, mainly low-glycemic recipes and several gluten free options (that is my style of cooking and the way to health, in my opinion)
  • Recipe’s that include whole grains, lean protein, good fats, full of fiber and lot’s of vegetables! I believe in a varied, whole diet, therefore I will include some meals with whole grain pasta (you can substitute quinoa or another grain free pasta if you wish) or potatoes once a week or so. I’m also realistic – food has to taste great and small amounts of flavorful ingredients, like bacon are used, but sparingly.
  • Recipes that are meant to nourish your body and ingredients chosen for their health benefits
  • Recipes that are exclusive to Menu’s by Mesa de Vida subscribers

The cost for subscribing to “Menus by Mesa de Vida” – $24.95 every 4 weeks! This will save you hours of time planning, shopping for and cooking your meals, save you money on your grocery bills and save you money versus going out to eat too often!  Subscribe here today! You can save with a 6 month or 12 month subscription as well.

Love planning your own menus and shopping lists? Try our Meal Planning Made Easy System, an easy-to-use tool that offers step-by-step reminders to make meal planning and shopping easier for busy people. Just $14.99 for a downloadable PDF document that you can use week after week to plan delicious and nutritious meals for the whole family!

How do you plan healthy meals for your family?  We want to know!

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