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Mother’s Day Gift Giving Ideas – Consumable Gifts

I love giving and receiving gifts, it’s not about the stuff; for me it is about the thought – the fact that someone thought of me when selecting a gift and the thoughts I have of others when I select gifts for them. As much as I love to give gifts I don’t like to add clutter to the receivers home or life. We’ve posted before about giving gifts that don’t create clutter. With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching I began to think about what I would give this year. Short on time, but not on desire to give gifts, I turned to several online ordering options to help me pick thoughtful, personal gifts that would not add clutter. This is the first of three posts to share my experience with you.

The first place I turned was Red Envelope. Having shopped on this site before I knew they would have unique Mother’s Day gifts. I decided to look for something fun for my own mom on this site. (Spoiler alert: Mom, if you’re reading this post – stop now or your gift will not be a surprise.)

Though my mom lives locally and I’ll be lucky enough to see her on Mother’s Day shopping online was still a time-saver. Consumable gifts are a great alternative to “stuff” when you know it’s going to be something the recipient will enjoy and won’t cause clutter. I found an Italian herb garden that’s a great fit for my mom because she is a fantastic cook. She can use the garden for fresh ingredients for her wonderful dishes and it will also look beautiful in her kitchen while she enjoys it. I also found wonderful handmade sea salted caramels. I’ll be giving these to a new mom I know who deserves a special treat!

Ordering on Red Envelope was fast and easy, they had a great selection to choose from and I would definitely do it again.

What’s your favorite source for unique Mother’s Day gifts? We want to know!

Disclosure: This is sponsored content as we have been given a small gift card from Red Envelope in order to test the site and share our experience. That being said, we do not blog about anything we do not believe in and Red Envelope did not edit our post or direct our content in any way.

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