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Movin’ on Out

Will you be moving homes or offices this spring or summer? Its peak moving season and we’ve been involved in several projects recently where we’ve had the opportunity to help somone clear clutter, organize and prepare for their move.

Moving is a great time to take stock of what you have, decide what’s really adding value to your home, work or life, and make decisions – do you love it or use it enough to warrant paying to move it? Has your existing home or office felt a little cluttered or stagnant? Moving can be a great way to make a fresh start (so much so that this is a technique we use with clients often, even when they’re not moving; asking them to pretend as if they were can be a simple strategy in guiding some of their “keep” or “let go of” decisions).

OK, so you are moving out, say to another state or just down the block. Is the idea of going through every room, nook and cranny a little overwhelming? Of course it is; you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel that way. This is where we come in. We’ve listed a few great ideas to help you get you started. Still feel overwhelmed? Don’t dispair – the organizers are here! We’re experts at taking the overwhelm away and can work with you on each step of the process – just ask!

1. Sort it Out. Go through each and every space and sort all like items together. This makes the unpacking process much less stressful as you already know where items will go. All your shoes, kitchen supplies, etc. are all together. No opening up a box and looking into a pit of “randomness” as we like to call it.

2. Purge Those Piles. This is the best time to think about what you already have and what you need. We suggest keeping a notepad and pen nearby as you go through each space.

It’s amazing how much “stuff” we tend to accumulate throughout our lifetime. Didn’t know you had 10 blenders? Time to consider donating some. Be honest, the less you have to pack, the better. Why? Because you’ll be paying to move your things, and less stuff may mean a lower move cost and because it’s less to unpack! This is a perfect time to clear that clutter so that you only move things you love, use often and that add value to your home, work or life.

3. Pack it in. Now that you’ve sorted, purged (possibly donated), it’s time to really get down to business. We can physically help you pack up your spaces in the most efficient way possible (think Tetris). We will happily wrap your knick knacks with bubble paper, tape up the boxes and label those bad boys.

4. Take note. Label your boxes clearly, indicating what room in the new space the contents are to go, as well as the basics of the box contents. We can even help you with a more detailed inventory of what’s in each box so that you can quickly find that “must have” item just after you’ve moved in to your new space.

As moving projects are typically much more time consuming, we do offer several packages to help you save a little along the way. These include a 12-hour package and a 24-hour package. In a hurry and need more than one than an extra set of hands? We think the more the merrier. Choose to have anywhere from one to four organizers help you with your project.

We truly enjoy helping people organize in preparation for a move (big or small) as we see it as an ideal time to organize.

We hope you found these “organizing for your move-out” tips helpful. Please let us know if you have a move in your near future (or want to pretend like you do to help you clear clutter and maximize the space you’re in!). We’d be honored to be a resource to you.

Stayed tuned for tips on how to make your move-in process a little less overwhelming!

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