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Need to Find it Faster? Try Post-it Products!

Are you one of those people that just loves organizing products?  At Simply Placed, we feel that it is important to share information about products that work well.  If you ever have questions or would like product recommendations please let us know.  We are always happy to help!

For those of you who specifically love office organizing products, Post-it has some great  products.  In this post, we will highlight a few of them.

Post-it Pockets: Organize your receipts by giving each receipt its own Post-it Pocket.  Hang Post-it Pockets on the wall near your tax preparation area.  When you go vertical, you’ll know that your receipts are where they should be – close at hand but off your desk!

Post-it Flags:  Organize and emphasize information quickly and easily with Post-it Flags.  Use them to draw attention to critical items for indexing or filing or for color coding.  There are many different types of Post-it Flags available.

Post-it Removable Label Pads: Are your closets and storage places full of unlabeled bins that need organizing?  Post-it Removable Label Pads are a convenient solution, with their brightly colored labels that can’t be missed.  When it’s time to reorganize, just peel off the labels.  They stick securely, but remove cleanly!

Post-it Name Badges:  Use Post-it Name Badges for your next meeting.  They are made with a flexible material so they conform to clothing and won’t fall off.  Plus, they are compatible with popular name badge software templates so you can customize and create professional-looking name badges.

Post-it Durable Filing Tabs: They are extra thick so they’ll stand up to the long-term wear and tear of your home or office filing system. Each dispenser comes with 20 of the 3” tabs. They are great for filing or organizing project folders.

We hope you find these Post-it Products helpful! What organizational products do you find useful in your home or office? We want to know!

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