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Not Your Grandma’s Tupperware

The Simply Placed team recently had the opportunity to listen to a refresher on some of our favorite products for food storage organization (pantry, fridge, freezer), and let me tell you, this is not your Grandma’s Tupperware! All joking aside, we wanted recap for you what we learned and how you can consider Tupperware as a tool to help you organize (and keep organized) your food storage areas so that you save time, money and stress.

So, let’s talk about your pantry.  I know, I know…it’s a disaster.  You’re embarrassed.  Truth be told, you really don’t even want me to look.  Guess what?  You’re not alone!  In fact, believe it or not, most people’s pantries look just like yours.  Honestly, it’s not really your fault…it’s not that you’re an organizational nightmare, it’s that your pantry physically can’t be organized without a system.

What’s one system we recommend you ask?  Enter Tupperware Modular Mates.  Yes, you read that right…Tupperware has a system. Wait, you mean they have more than just bowls and tumblers and lids exploding out of my cupboard?  Yes, yes, and yes.

There are numberous reasons why you’d want to use them in your cupboards.  Here’s just a few for starters…

  1. Space Saving.  With Tupperware’s Modular Mates System, you use every inch of space left to right and top to bottom in your cupboards or pantry.  You don’t have half empty boxes, baggies with twist ties, jello boxes falling everywhere, and your pasta isn’t attacking you.  Everything has a place, and a space, and once it’s created it doesn’t unorganize itself. Are you a visual learner? Click here to watch an instructional, easy to follow Modular Mates video.
  2. Freshness.  Brown sugar stays soft.  Chips and cereal don’t go stale.  You don’t have to rubber band the ends of your Saltine crackers once you open them…everything stays FRESH!
  3. Reduce Waste.  Because everything stays fresh, you are not only no longer throwing away stale food, you’re not double and triple buying things. When you open your cupboard you can see everything AND you can see when the container is empty.  You know what you have.   Heck, you can even call your spouse from the store and say “Honey, what are we low on?”  He/she can open up the pantry and see what’s there and tell you what you need to buy.
  4. No Bugs.  (eeeww, right?)  Do you know what they are attracted to?  Nope, it’s not flour or sugar or cereal…but they do end up in those items.  Believe it or not the answer is….GLUE!  Yep, they are attracted to the glue that seals the packaging.  So they crawl up to the top of the bag or box for that wad of glue up near the top and then they fall down into your food.  Then they reproduce and eat through the bag in search of other containers with glue in your pantry. You may have the cleanest house in the world, but it doesn’t matter how clean you are, typically you bring them home from the Grocery Store…yep, I know – gross…right?  The beauty of the Modular Mates system is little bugs can’t get in.  More importantly, they can’t get out.  Because the Modular Mates are air tight, not only are the bugs contained…but they will suffocate and rise to the surface.  The beauty of that is, that when you open the lid next time, you see them on top, and won’t accidentally eat them.  They haven’t gotten out into your pantry, but now you can just dump that one container’s contents into the garbage, throw it in the dishwasher and start over.  Instead of replacing your entire pantry of food, you’re only out $5 worth of rice or sugar.  The Modular Mates quickly pay for themselves.
  5. Bulk Purchasing. Last but certainly not least…we all love to save a buck or two, right?  By storing your food in these containers, you are now able to do more bulk purchasing.  By bulk purchasing I’m not necessarily referring to large quantities at Costco (although you can do that too if you want)….but Fred Meyers, WinCo, Central Market, Whole Foods, PCC (and more stores) now have a bulk buying area.  You can go over to the Natural section of the Grocery Store and purchase more Natural, and sometimes Organic food for pennies on the dollar, buying only by weight.  You are not only getting a higher quality product, but you aren’t paying for a marketing label or packaging that you will just throw away.   It’s a way to be more “Eco Friendly,” save yourself money, and feel good about what you are feeding yourself and your family.  It’s a Win/Win!

So you’re loving all this information and you’re wondering where you can get your hands on these awesome containers, right? Before you end up with container clutter, we’d advise you to think about what you’re storing and puchase just the right containers for your situation. Need help knowing what will work best for you? We’d be happy to do a pantry consultation and use our experience with organization and our product knowledge to guide you in the right direction. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, keep in mind that for standard pantries, we’d steer you towards the rectangular and super oval Modular Mates (squares and oval sizes are not as deep, and are made for shallow tiny cupboards in boats and campers and RVs).  You could always start with a rectangular starter set, and a super oval starter set.  This will not finish your pantry, but it will give you one each of all of the important sizes and help you start your journey…then after you’ve put these in your cupboards, you can come back and finish!

Alright, we threw a lot of information at you so let’s take a second to re-cap:

A. Using containers to store the food in your pantry can help save you money.

B. Containers, such as those provided by Tupperware, can help you eliminate food waste and keep your the items in your pantry fresher longer which brings us back to our first point, saving money.

C. An organized pantry means you will have an easier time finding what you are looking for and not to mention finding what you need, when you need it. Don’t forget to break out your labeler.

D. Placing food items in stackable containers allows you to make better use of your space. You will more than likely find you have much more space than you thought. Remember to look for rectangular or long oval containers as they waste less space.

Still craving more  tips? Satisfy that craving by checking out one of our past blogs on pantry organization.

If you are ready to tackle that pantry of yours and you think Tupperware’s Modular Mates system sounds like the solution for you, click here to receive 40% off all Modular Mate products through this Friday, February 11th! You can also take a closer look by checking out Organize & Relax with Tupperware Sales thru Feb 11th -so many items on sale!

Don’t forget, order by this Friday to save 40% on Modular Mates. We’re sure you’ll love this system to organize your pantry.

Here’s to you, eating fresh food and simplifying your pantry organization.

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