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Organize Your Car for Safety and Preparedness

Organize your car for safety and preparedness

Is your car prepared for an emergency?

The Seattle area has been experiencing a week of snowfall. While beautiful to watch (from inside a warm house), some people have to brave the roads, either trying to get to work or trying to get home! It’s important to remember to keep an emergency kit in your car during the winter season, including what you might need if you were to get stuck and unable to leave your vehicle.

Before you hit the road

Pay attention to weather updates from either your local city website or news channels so you can be prepared before you venture out. The conditions are changing hourly, and staying off the roads is recommended. If you do need to drive, please make sure you are prepared in case of an emergency.

By prepping a car emergency kit for you and your family, you’ll make sure that when an accident happens, or you break down, that you are safe, comfortable, and able to proceed on your way without too much undue hassle. It’s not possible to foresee or prevent every eventuality when it comes to driving. However, you can be prepared for the majority of outcomes with a little advance work.

Packing a car emergency kit

The folks at Teens4Safety have provided us with this guide for packing a car emergency kit. It includes packing lists for first aid supplies and roadside essentials that could be the difference between life and death in various emergency situations.

Pre-made car safety kits are usually reliable and save you the hassle of having to pull together all of the items individually. However, making your own kit will give you the option of tailoring it to your own specific needs and the conditions you might use it in.

Planning and maintaining a car emergency kit will ensure that, in the vast majority of situations, you’re prepared. Being prepared will not only make situations less dangerous but also less stressful. Regardless of when and where you’re driving, having the basic emergency kit is important, but by upgrading your kit, you’ll make sure that there are almost no situations that leave you unable to respond.

Take an hour, pack a kit, and make sure everything works; it’ll pay dividends when something goes wrong. Whatever type of kit you make, make sure everything is clearly labeled on the front of the kit, and take an inventory every six months to make sure it’s all present, and nothing has broken or gone out of date. There’s nothing worse than going to use something and finding out it doesn’t work.

If you need help building an emergency kit for your home or office, contact us. We can help you find the resources and supplies that you need so they will be ready when you need them. Stay safe!


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