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Organizing Traveling Paper: Tools of the Trade

Maybe you know this feeling… Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty and you’re looking frantically for that one piece of paper that you need RIGHT NOW!  Being able to find what you need when you need it without raising your stress-level is the primary goal of getting organized.  As organizers we use and recommend tools that support containing and storing items in a way that make it easy to find what you need when you need it and even easier to put away so it will be there the next time you need it.

One of the things students, busy homemakers and professionals need are organized systems for managing paper that travels between home and school, home and volunteer work and home and the office.  Below are some tools we like for helping clients organize and manage their traveling paper.

SMEAD Vertical Step 6-Pocket Organizer SMEAD Vertical Organizer

Think of this as a filing cabinet for your backpack.  Even while staying inside a backpack, you can open this tabbed organizer to put away and access papers.  Label one tab “To-Do” and another “Return” and instantly you have an organized system for collecting assignments and things to work on and a place to put things that are ready to turn in.

 Avery Binder PocketsAvery 3-Ring Binder Pockets

3-ring binders are reliable tools for organizing papers with one exception; it is often unreasonable or time-consuming to punch and insert new papers.  This is how papers get shoved into the binder or bag and often lost, because the paper wasn’t 3-hole punched and insertable into the binder.  Pocket holders resolve this problem.  The plastic pocket sleeves are 3-hole punched and inserted into the binder.  The pockets then can accept up to 20 pieces each of un-punched paper and keep them neatly and safely contained in a binder.  Label your pocket pages to clarify what papers they are to hold.  Also available are pocket inserts with divider tabs built in.
Mead Zipper Binder


Mead 3-Ring Binder with Zipper Closure 

This binder works well for both students and professionals.  It is designed with useful storage pockets for small items and supplies inside the front cover, a place to insert a letter-size notepad in the back and binder rings to hold punched paper or plastic pockets to hold unpunched paper.  The benefit of the zipper closure around the notebook is that if you do come to have loose items in the notebook they will be contained by the zipper.

We have many ideas and resources to help you or your student establish an organized system for transporting paper.  Contact us and let us know what works for you.

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