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Organizing with a Customizable Notebook System

A notebook is a notebook, right?  Not with a highly customizable notebook. With the Arc or Levenger notebooks, you can suit your style and your needs perfectly and easily. No more ripping out pages or losing track of what’s important and what’s just a doodle.

These products allow you to add, move, remove and rearrange pages and accessories. It’s a new way of taking and keeping notes; everything simply pulls out to be moved from place to place without damaging or ruining the re-punched holes. Here are two options that are available on the market right now:

Arc Customizable Leather Notebooks: Each leather-bound notebook comes with repositionable narrow-ruled sheets and pockets for everything from business cards to pens. The notebooks come in a variety of colors and sizes and start at $14.99, you can also add additional pockets, dividers and tabs to create a system that works for you. Check out all the options for Arc Notebooks on the Staples website. You can also get one without a leather cover for just $7.99 if you have a tight organizing budget.

Levenger Circa Notebooks: The original customizable notebook, the Circa from levenger is a little bit pricier (starting at around $30.00) but they also have more accessories, colors, sizes and types of notebooks available. You can also get a sampling kit for just $40.00 to try a little bit of all of their accessories to find what suits your organizational needs best.  They also have zipped cases to keep your notebook and accessories together. Check out the most popular Circa products and customize to your heart’s desire.

With either system, you can opt to buy a special hole punch to make any paper repositionable in your notebook. Use these notebooks to organize meeting notes, shopping lists, task lists, project ideas, home or work responsibilities, class notes …. the possibilities are endless.

Have you used anything like this before? What is the first idea that comes to your mind when you think about how a product or system like this might help you get or stay organized?

How do you keep your notes and notebooks organized? We want to know!

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