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Partnering With You for an Organized Move

An organized move

When you’re busy with work or just the activities of life, moving your home or office at the same time is a big undertaking. Our team at Simply Placed can take away the overwhelm by partnering with you for an organized move! 

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

Whether it is organizing before a move, clearing clutter, or packing and labeling, we can be a resource to you. We can also support you with project management services, like coordinating moving services. At your new home, we can help with space planning, unpacking and creating new, organized systems. 

If you are moving across the country or just across the street, we can partner with you to make the transition smooth and stress free. We’re experts at taking the overwhelm away and can work with you on each step of the process

In the Words of Our Clients 

Nancy Juetten is a busy professional and the co-founder of Life Goes on Roadmap™. , a system for personal financial information and document management that guides users to get their most crucial information organized BEFORE burglary, natural disaster, or any of the Big D’s – disease, disability, diminished mental capacity, divorce or death – can stop them.  

She had engaged Debbie Rosemont, Productivity Consultant with Simply Placed, to assist her in organizing her digital inbox and files so she could find important files for licensees and clients of her system.  

In Nancy’s words, “Just a few hours of Debbie’s over-the-shoulder guidance and expert support transformed my inbox and digital files into a manageable system that allowed me to find what she needed when she needed it so I could be even more efficient in my work and have more time to focus on mission critical tasks.  I became a big believer in the value of professional organizing services that day.”

Nancy is also someone who walks her own talk when it comes to making sure important documents, keepsakes, and treasures are organized during times of transition or loss. 

Nancy’s home was burglarized in late 2018 while she and her husband were speaking to 400 financial advisors about the value of Life Goes on Roadmap at a conference 3000 miles away from home.  That incident served as the catalyst for Nancy and her husband Steve to make the decision to sell their Bellevue, WA home and blaze a new trail in their new neighborhood of Bellingham, WA.  

Getting the house ready for the move was a big task.  In the final stages of preparing for the move, Nancy was starting to experience “project fatigue” in a big way. She called on the Organizers at Simply Placed for expert assistance to pack up family keepsakes and kitchen breakables.  In Nancy’s words:

Many thanks to Lynette Apley, an awesome professional organizer from Simply Placed, for coming over today to pack up my kitchen. Many hands make much lighter work. We packed to the tunes of Aretha Franklin and got a lot accomplished. It was so smart to bring in the reinforcements. I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough.  We were weary of all the tasks associated with preparing our home for sale: selling it, buying the new house, and preparing, hosting, and completing the downsizing sale. Lynette  came to the rescue in perfect timing and actually made getting to the finish line a pleasure. Everything made the move without a single item broken along the way. Having Lynette here to help us with the all-important kitchen pack up made it easier and couldn’t have come at a better time. I am very grateful.” – Nancy Juetten  

Whether it is a full day or two spent with an entire team packing or unpacking a home or office, or just a few hours helping with one room, many hands do, indeed, make much lighter work. 

Thank you, Nancy! It was our pleasure to be a resource to you with packing for your move.

Your Best Move Yet

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the thought of managing a full workload and an upcoming move, contact us for a free consultation. By helping with many of the tasks involved, we can give you time back for what is really important, and you’ll be able to relax knowing things are in the hands of a professional team. 

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