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Save Yourself from A Stressful Melt-Down

We know stress can influence productivity.  The next time you’re experiencing counterproductive stress, consider using Christina Marie’s suggestion below.  Please enjoy her guest blog post: A Simple Tip – Save Yourself from A Stressful Melt-Down. 


A Simple Tip – Save Yourself from A Stressful Melt-Down 

We use vision boards as triggers.  Try a fresh spin of this idea….

Life can get stressful at times. When you get stressed, you will tend to focus intently on your stressor. (Person, place or thing) That focus can lead you to lose perspective on things that might be much more important.

Your Assignment:   Create a simple reminder that will help you regain your perspective. Choose something that is a personal memory and something that has solid emotional meaning for you. It can be the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one, or a major life event. It could be a simple phrase you’ve heard someone important to you use when they were stressed (e.g., “this isn’t rocket science.”). Just make sure whatever trigger you choose has deep personal meaning to you.

Once you’ve chosen that reminder, practice using it when things get stressful. If you’re having a bad day at work, remembering what’s really important in life can make your present situation less stressful. So go ahead – pick your reminder and start putting it into practice in stressful situations. It will reduce your stress, help you regain perspective, and improve your performance.

Leave a comment to share your special trigger to UN-STRESS.

Christina Marie Kimball, owner of Artful Thinking, has hosted retreats and round tables for 25 years. The use of round tables to gather several people together for a session(s) to explore ideas and projects has led her to studies that include; right and left brain processing, learning styles, leadership styles and the use of creativity in thinking processes, embracing the abstract and concrete. Her experiences include entrepreneurial adventures – founding and running five successful business ranging from a business consulting firm, a design firm, art studios and a restaurant. She also has extensive experience in leading organizations in institutional settings. She has also done executive level work in the hospitality and entertainment worlds. Christina has five grown daughters and lives a bi-coastal life with her husband Alex between Seattle and New York.

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