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Space Planning Tips for Your New Home or Office

Setting foot in a new home or office can be extremely exciting! You probably want to get started unpacking right away to get settled. Sometimes unpacking and setting up your old things in the same way can make your brand new setting less exciting.  To beat that boring feeling and feel fresh in your new home or office, plan your space and try some new things. Here’s how:

Evaluate the items you’re planning to move in. When you’ve had an item, like a piece of furniture, for many years it can be easy to overlook it when it falls into disrepair. Bring new eyes to your possessions and if any of them are visibly worn, toss them out. Also consider what you are displaying. Edit your home or office and remove items you are displaying merely because you think you should, not because you truly love them.

Consider picking one theme to stick with through you entire house or whole office. What do you already own that you can create a theme from to unify your rooms and spaces? Find a common element and run with it! Find ways to have good “flow” from one room to another. this can be done with color, decor items, organizational tools, etc..

Experiment with your furniture. Just because that chair or couch has always been in your living room doesn’t mean it has to be in the same place in your new space! Try moving items to different rooms; you may find that the new set up gives you more space where you need it! Moving your office furniture around might help you keep the items you use most often near your primary work space. Simply moving your old things around can make them seem like new!

How do you plan your home or office space? We want to know!

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