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Supercharge Your Task List to Get More Done

A task list is nothing more than a collection of words that cue you to take an action. You can supercharge your task list by choosing more effective words that not only cue you to take action, they also clearly define the action you need to take.  When you choose better words for your task list you will accomplish more with less effort.

Consider the examples below:

Wimpy Task List

Wimpy Task List

This is a wimpy task list.  It lacks specific verbs that define what needs to be done.  The one verb used, Get, is very weak and vague.  What will you do when you get to this item on your task list?  If you’re like many people, you’ll skip this task because just thinking about it is too overwhelming.  This cue to Get Organized sets you up for failure even before you’ve started!

Supercharged Task List

Supercharged Task List

Notice how each task starts with a clear and specific action verb.  There is no question about what you need to do to start the work.  This list can successfully cue you to action without you having to waste time either trying to remember what needs to be done or to decide what needs to be done.  This supercharged list will save you time and focus your efforts.  You will get more done!

All tasks should begin with a verb, an action word.  This verb should be one that describes the action you need to take in order to do the task.  These are words like:

  • buy
  • write
  • call
  • email
  • schedule
  • review
  • pack
  • edit
  • put away
  • research
  • check
  • review
  • read

Choose better words for your task list to get more things done.  Need help improving your skills with task management?  Simply Placed can help you choose the right tools, learn the most effective skills and develop repeatable routines to become more productive, reduce stress and save time and money.  Contact us to learn more.

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