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Team Organizing Makes a Big Difference in Little Time

Team Organizing Makes a Big Impact

Do you have a space that could use a refresh or re-organization? Involving your team, and ours, will make a big impact in a small amount of time.

You’ve heard the phrase “many hands makes light work”? We see that in action when we get to work with a company on a team organizing day. Last week, the team from Simply Placed joined forces with employees of JayMarc Homes, an award-winning local custom home design-build business, for a spring cleaning and organizing afternoon. This is something JayMarc owner, Marc Rousso, does periodically to help support his staff’s efforts and help ensure success. He knows that when his employees, and their individual and shared work spaces, are more organized, they are all more productive.

To get the ball rolling, the afternoon began with a short 15-minute presentation to all employees. Debbie covered the basics of letting go, how to define and identify what clutter is, and introduced the concept of SPACE. She answered a few questions and got everyone speaking the same language about office organization and the project into which they were about to dive.

Team organizing is the ticket to quick, high impact results

After that, everyone broke into teams to cover both their individual work spaces as well as shared office areas. Throughout the afternoon, team members from Simply Placed floated to provide support, direction and hands-on help.

The team that worked in the storage unit, led by Simply Placed organizer and productivity consultant, Janis Anable, made a big impact, organizing the area into a neat and tidy space (first three photos). Another team tackled the marketing and design areas, clearing out the old, organizing materials and supplies to make them easier to access (next three photos), and creating a “grab and go” area for all employees to easily find marketing collateral materials they could share with clients, prospects and vendors (last two photos). Also organized were general office supplies, the accounting and finance area, and all individual offices and desks.

The Results of Team Organizing Speak for Themselves

So much was accomplished in such a short amount of time. In hours, clutter was cleared, recycle bins were filled repeatedly, spaces made more functional, order and organization was restored. Employees were collaborative, engaged, inspired, encouraging of one another AND fun was had. As we left the office that day, we got lots of high fives, words of gratitude and a few hugs.

“It was really great to have you in the office with us, you and your team were an huge help!  Everyone’s loving how clean and open everything feels. We don’t always realize the weight until it has been lifted.” – Amy Coate, Front Office Coordinator

“Thank you again for helping out! I love organization and it feels so good to have a clean space again.” – Alexa Upper, Marketing Manager

“Thank you for coming to our office. It feels so much better when everything has a place and is organized. – Daigo Wada, Staff Accountant

“You rock!” – Marc Rousso, President

We appreciate our clients and the work we get to do with them. It was a pleasure to bring our team in to work with JayMarc Homes.

Team Organizing at JayMarc homes resulted in lots of recycling!
JayMarc Homes Owner Marc Rousso and Debbie Rosemont, CPO of Simply Placed admiring just one of the many recycling bins they filled.


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