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Tech Talk Thursday: Cord Management, Part 1 – Label Your Cables

This week’s TTT comes with a bonus Toss Challenge. Why not go and grab that big bin with the jumbled, tangled mass of electronic wires and cables (you know the one we’re talking about!), and spend 30 minutes determining which cord goes with which device. If there are any excess cables that belong to devices you no longer own, recycle those. Then, grab your labelmaker, a metallic sharpie, color-coded labels, clothespins, or even a handful of bread tags, and use them to label the cords that remain, i.e., “Camera,” “Printer-Laptop,” “iPad Charger,” etc.

Prevent the confusion in the future by labeling each cable as you purchase new gadgets and they come out of the box. If you plan to re-sell the device in the future (and you have the storage space), then consider keeping all of the associated cables in the original boxes. It will make them easier to find when you need them and will increase the resale value of your electronics.

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