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Tech Talk Thursday: Keep Tabs on your To-Do List with Todoist


The key to effectively managing any project is to move your task list out of your head and into print. Whether you capture your ideas in a notebook, planner, or prefer more high-tech solutions, this habit will help you stay focused and on task when you are managing multiple projects.

One of the oldest online task managers is Todoist. Todoist is a free service that allows you to capture tasks, group them together as projects, and organize all of your to-dos. Launched in 2007, Todoist now has hundreds of thousands of users and manages millions of tasks.

The new excitement is that Todoist has been rebuilt on HTML5, which is a new platform and the fifth revision of HTML (the Hypertext Markup Language that comprises the information on the internet). According to Todoist, there are a few key enhancements:

1. The processing speed is faster than ever.
2. If you can’t connect to the internet, you can still access and update your projects and tasks and the next time you connect to the web, the Todoist servers will automatically update your information.
3. With cloud-based access, you can push your tasks to all of your mobile devices.

Nicely done, Todoist! Tell us, how do you organize your task list?


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