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Tech Talk Thursday: Organize your Contacts with WorldCard Mobile

What do you do when you need to find a business contact…do you search for them in your smart phone or locate them in your digital contacts database? Or, perhaps you flip through your neatly organized business card binder. Surely you don’t shuffle through a giant pile of cards on your desk or rummage through your jacket pockets, right?!

If your contact organization system sounds more like the latter than the former, then try using an app like WorldCard Mobile (available on both iPhone and Android platforms). WorldCard Mobile allows you to use your smart phone camera to snap a photo of a business card and then through optical character recognition (OCR) technology, the app will automatically create a new digital contact for you. Voila!

WorldCard Mobile is fast, accurate, and reads 9 different languages including Spanish, Russian, and Greek. It is available for download for the iPhone here ($6.99), and for the Android here ($5.99). Enjoy having all of your contacts at your fingertips!

Tell us – how do you like to organize your contacts?

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