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Tech Talk Thursday: Recharge with a Digital Makeover

Over the Memorial Day holiday I had the opportunity to visit some friends out of state. It was an action-packed mini-vacation, and there was very little opportunity for “screen” time: checking email, social media, web surfing, watching TV, and so on. Instead, we spent our time together connecting and conversing, walking and talking. I’ll admit, it had me yearning for simpler times (like 5 years ago) before smart phones were invented and any lingering excuses for being disconnected and unreachable evaporated entirely.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my technology, and I deeply appreciate the many efficiencies that it provides. But we’re finding out that multitasking makes you stupid and social media makes us lonely. Time magazine recently featured an online article, “Why Companies Should Force Employees to Unplug,” which continues to expand on the idea that being constantly accessible via a technological tether has detrimental effects on productivity.

In some professions, unplugging entirely at the end of the workday may not be an option. Doctors have to deliver babies, firefighters have to respond to emergencies, and so on. But when two-thirds of workers report taking a smartphone or a laptop with them on vacation for the purpose of checking in on the office, they are doing so to the detriment of their health, productivity, and personal relationships.

If you are having trouble disconnecting, consider a digital makeover. For one hour each day, turn off the smart phone, shut down email, and focus on one task. Or better yet, take the opportunity to connect with your loved ones. And if you are overwhelmed with your digital clutter and email madness, call Simply Placed. We’d love to help you reset and makeover your inbox!

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