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The Not-So-Permanent Way to Label a Container – Mom’s Monday Moment

Canvas tote boxes and storage containers are a great, aesthetically pleasing, way to organize a bookcase, cabinet or cupboard. We posted about ways to use fabric drawers last week in the Mom’s Monday Moment. They work well in playrooms and children’s rooms to contain toys, small clothing items (think socks, underwear), diapers, etc..  The unfortunate drawback is that it’s hard to tell what could be inside (unlike clear, plastic storage containers). The contents can also change depending on new organizational needs and new spaces.

The simple solution? Strong, removable labels!

Post-it now makes removable storage container labels that adhere to canvas and of course plastic bins. They remove easily, without a mess but are super sticky to stay on even a fabric surface.

Post-it Storage Container Label Pads are super sticky storage container adhesive labels and they stick securely and remove cleanly. Use them to find what you’re looking for, faster in your storage containers.

How do you manage your storage boxes? We want to know!

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