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Want Financially Organized Kids?

I’m teaching a couple sessions of Organizing Your Finacial Records at the upcoming MoneyWi$e Women’s Conference in Seattle on 1/15/11. This conference will have over 150 attendees looking for education, empowerment and inspiration regarding managing money. Wouldn’t it be great if we learned all we needed to know about being responsible and organized with money as kids? Now you can give yours the chance.

Christina Marie Kimball, parent coach, in conjunction with Dan Gelhaye, of Sterling Savings Bank in Issaquah are teaming up to offer a great workshop for kids and their parents to do just that. Please enjoy this guest post from Christina Marie, with more information about the workshop:


Teaching Kids About Finances  

Have you ever heard the expression “we parent the way we were parented”? To some extent this is true. However, as a parent and a parent coach, I have come to believe we are more likely to use the way we were parented as a measuring stick, barometer, or baseline than as a rigid template. All of us love our kids and want them to leave the “nest” as equipped, capable and compassionate human beings – in touch with their unique gifts and abilities and ready to make their mark on the world.

Part of being a capable contributor (we know) is about learning how to manage our money well; it’s a skill that is forever useful! Part of my parent coaching includes designing and presenting workshops on topics that can really help kids learn how to prioritize, establish goals and grow – and financial training is a topic relevant for toddlers to teens! Learning these skills in their formative years can help them be productive and organized in their adult lives.

Here are the points we’ll cover in our upcoming workshop, titled Your Kid’s Financial Training, January 20th , from 7:00 – 8:15 p.m., at Sterling Savings Bank in Issaquah. Mark your calendars! Space is limited.

  • The Big Picture of Effective Money Management: Why it matters for our kids to learn it now
  •  Chores & Allowance: The tenets of responsibility and freedom + when and how much to pay them
    Money Management Systems: Easy systems any age can benefit from practicing
  • Earning a Wage: Motivations, interviewing for “family jobs”, and fostering a smart, entrepreneurial spirit in our kids
  • Spending: Budgeting, planning and goal setting
  • Saving & Giving: The basics of successful saving + the philanthropic joy of giving

Presented by Christina Marie Kimball with Artful Thinking, a Seattle- and New York-based consultancy firm specializing in parenting and entrepreneurial coaching – in conjunction with Daniel Gelhaye, Financial Services Specialist with Sterling Savings Bank in Issaquah.

Christina Marie Kimball works with parents and families looking for satisfaction, balance and growth. She a is an expert in the areas of family dynamics, parenting and child development. Her unique blend of experiences and coaching combine to make her a powerful catalyst for change. Christina has hosted parenting and business seminars, retreats and round tables for 25 years. She founded and operated five successful businesses including a business consulting firm, a design firm, a restaurant and art studios. She also has extensive experience leading organizations in institutional settings-in the corporate, hospitality and entertainment worlds. Christina has three grown daughters.

For more information about Artful Thinking please visit or feel free to email me at or call me at 206.718.5103.

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