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Weathering Uncertainty and Gaining Back Control

Organize to Optimize

These are unprecedented and uncertain times. We all are dealing with rapid life changes, and with those come overwhelm, stress, and a general upside-down feeling as we temporarily live a “new normal” lifestyle. How we react, through resiliency, flexibility, adaptability and practicing gratitude are all things that can help us gain control back during these changing times. 

Listen below as Debbie shares her thoughts about weathering uncertainty during change. She discusses the feelings that come with this and how you can gain back some sense of control through self-care, organization, productive habits, taking breaks and learning how to creatively maintain social connections. 

Gaining Control Back and Organizing to Optimize

We also invite you to join us for a free, live webinar tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18th, starting at 11am PDT, where Debbie will be discussing strategies surrounding the things that are still within our control, such as: 

  1. Organizing your Physical Space: by organizing your physical space, you’ll save time, be more productive and be able to focus on your priorities. By eliminating distractions and “shiny objects”, you’ll get more work done with less wasted time (did you know the average American wastes one hour a day looking for things they have but cannot find?). That can be really stressful!  
  2. Processing Incoming Work: responding and handling the things that are coming at us from work (Email, tasks, demands on time) and how to get things done productively. 
  3. Prioritizing, Planning, Producing: getting things done by utilizing time management habits and techniques. 
  4. Self Care: what are the things you can do to take better care of yourself? Reducing stress, meditating, physical activity, staying hydrated and boosting your immune system, taking breaks and setting boundaries are just a few examples. 
  5. Staying Connected: whether it is an online virtual coffee or happy hour, or a video conference/Facetime with a friend, these social interactions are important to keep up to help things continue to feel more “normal”. How are you creatively connecting with others right now? 

Join us for our “Organize to Optimize” webinar tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18th, starting at 11am PDT.

Organize to Optimize

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