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Wellness Wednesday: Inoculations, They’re Not Just for Kids

Can you remember the last time you had a Tetanus booster? Are you sure you completed all courses of recommended childhood vaccines? What about a yearly flu vaccine? Vaccines aren’t just for kids, it’s time to get organized about your health and know what you need and when you need it.

Did you know that if tetanus goes untreated, it is often fatal? Not only that, getting your tetanus booster every 10 years also protects your against pertussis (whopping cough). Pertussis is becoming more common and it’s important to stay vaccinated, especially if you have contact with infants.

Have eventual travel plans? Did you know that the full course of Hepatitis A and B vaccinations take a full 6 months? Even if you think you’re planning a simple trip abroad, check with the CDC for recommended vaccines for your destination. Vaccination isn’t just a good idea, for some foreign travel vaccinations are required.

Vaccinations last for varying amounts of time, to keep track try using a simple online tool like WebMD’s Vaccine Tracker. The tracker is an easy to use tool that will let you keep track of vaccines for your entire family and it’s free!

How do you manage your vaccinations? We want to know!

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