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Workload Management and Productivity

Managing workload to improve productivity

Have you heard the term “workload management”? We define it as having systems in place to ensure that teams or individuals get priority work done efficiently and effectively. 

Systems help people do their best work and get the best outcome. Through strong workload management, employees gain confidence in their abilities, take greater joy in their work, and become increasingly effective and productive.

Techniques for managing employee workload

There are several techniques for managing workload, such as: 

  • Listing all the projects, tasks, and processes that your team must complete.
  • Assigning priority work first and understanding the people who will do the work
  • Monitoring progress
  • Teaching time and project management skills
  • Making use of work management tools that provide visibility, overviews of resource allocation, and reminders of due dates, milestones, and more

Companies are starting to understand that if they don’t teach their teams to manage time and priorities they won’t have the skills to do the technical parts of their jobs well, either. Both managers and team members can benefit from learning good workload management skills. Managing your workload properly can increase your ability to help others and solve problems. Here are some ways to help your employees manage their workload: 

  • Acknowledge time and energy limits
  • Be adaptable and flexible and teach those qualities to your team
  • Discourage multitasking; focus on one thing, finish it, then move to the next
  • Encourage self-care
  • Share knowledge

Workload Management tools and resources

A variety of workload management tools are available to help managers and their teams understand and track assignments, deadlines, and resources. But, tools are nothing without skills. Systems and habits, along with good communication, good people skills and good time management will positively impact productivity. 

For more information on workload management and to learn more about how to leverage your team and manage your workload for greater success and productivity, check out the “Essential Guide to Workload Management.” 

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