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Worth Noting

After posting some “Back to Routine” tips on the blog earlier this week, I’ve seen a couple of great posts on other blogs I read regularly that are related. Two that I thought might particularly interest readers of the Simply Placed blog are mentioned here. Both are written by women that I have used as a consultant or assistant in my business and their words are wise.


Heather Nelson, Virtual Assistant with Champion Assistants posted “Back to School Means Back to Business” with some great ideas on taking this time of year to reveiw business routines, marketing efforts and processes to maximize the rest of the year.


Betsy Talbot, friend, writer, adventurer and savvy business woman posted “Going from Vacation to Work without Losing Your Zen” on her Married With Luggage blog, which included some smart strategies for returning to work after vacation or time off and managing the transition smoothly.


Happy reading and happy return to routine!

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