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Adjust Your Sails – It’s the Perfect Time

Adjust Your Sails: Managing priorities and setting goals

Do you need to adjust your take on productivity for December? Is managing your priorities and staying productive a struggle for you as 2020 comes to a close? The holiday season is upon us and now, more than ever, it might be a challenge. If you’ve noticed your motivation or productivity dipping, you’re not alone. Studies show that 2/3 of us are less productive in December compared to other months – and that’s in a “normal” year!

The homestretch of the year might also bring pressure from the goals we set at the start of the year. If 2020 has thrown a wrench into what you set out to achieve, don’t abandon those goals altogether; adjust. When there are multiple priorities and challenges vying for your attention, with just a few adjustments, you can still turn the last month of the year into a productive time. 


This is also a great month to reflect just before you look ahead, so we can consider what we want to adjust and make some plans for smooth sailing into 2021.

Ask yourself a few questions like these and journal your responses:

  • What is the good you’re taking from 2020?
  • What changes did you make that you’d like to maintain going forward?
  • What lessons are you drawing from this year that are helpful?
  • What went well that you’d like more of?
  • What drained your energy, and of that, what’s in your control to have less of in the year to come? What will you adjust?

Enjoy some downtime: Productive doesn’t always mean “busy”

When you’re pulled in a number of directions it can be easy to lose sight of self care. Downtime and hitting the reset button can sometimes be more effective than pulling an all-nighter to complete a project or task. Take some time during this season to “be present” in your off-time. When you are refreshed, you will focus better AND get more done in less time.

Make a Plan

In our “It’s About Time” virtual productivity program, the theme this month is “Planning for Success”. Ordinarily, this would entail reviewing our “SMART” goals and setting new goals for the coming year. This year, however, we are breaking it down into a more manageable (and hopefully more attainable) 90-day chunk. Have you put thought into your plan to start the new year strong? It’s the perfect time to do so.

Get Help

Would it be valuable to you to have identified the first action step you’ll take on a goal you have for Q1 2021? Book a free Discovery Call for this month and we’ll gift you with our 90-Day Planning Tool that follows our coaching process of identifying goals, creating an action plan to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to go, removing barriers and time wasters, and implementing systems and habits for sustained results with greater ease.

It’s the perfect time! If you are looking for strategies to bring 2020 to a productive close and start 2021 strong, we would love to partner with you. Our “Six-Month Productivity Transformation Package” is a great solution for overwhelmed, busy professionals. We provide support, coaching and consulting over a time period that allows you to implement new strategies, manage priorities, establish and build on productive habits. Best of all, we will provide support and accountability for sustainable results! 

Get started today with your no-risk, no-cost Discovery Call, and let’s explore the possibilities together. It’s about time!

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