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Tell the Truth: How Are You Really Doing?

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You’ve been on my mind. 

It’s been quite a year, month, week and a moment. I’m checking in; truly wondering how you are doing. How ARE you? Honestly, authentically, really? Would you let me know? I really want to hear from you.

Personally, I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster this year.

Are you fan of roller coasters? They’ve grown on me. I used to be afraid. I’m not great with heights, and I’m a bit risk-averse. Over time, I found that that initial purposefully slow climb up built suspense, yielded fantastic views, a new perspective I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, and an exhilarating fast ride down. The loop-de-loops that used to fill me with worry, turned into an opportunity to feel gravity suspended just for a moment, view the world upside-down, and test my sense of adventure.

I think among the unexpected, the hard, the hurt, the loss, and the weirdness of this year, I’ve experienced a lot of opportunity to slow down and consider what’s important, to consider my role in making a difference, to recognize my privilege and use it to help others and do good. In the loop-de-loops of the year, I’ve tried to see things from a different perspective and make shifts and pivots in business and life to go with the flow, uncover new ways to serve, and make the best of the “upside down.”

On the occasions during the year that I’ve careened at top speeds for a bit of time, I’ve tried not to feel afraid and worry too much about what was around the corner, but to make sure I was buckled in, to appreciate when things felt easier and be grateful when I could see that previously expended effort, energy and inertia played a role in making the ride ok.

I’ve seen a lot of disruption, unrest, uncertainty and change this year, but I’ve also experienced and seen a lot of learning, focus, reflection, reprioritization, resiliency, community, connection and growth.

What’s been your experience? How are you doing?

What have been the hardest parts for you? Are you stuck in them right now? Have you had any silver linings, light-bulb moments or experiences you’re grateful for that you didn’t anticipate for this year? What’s good and what are you ready to leave behind?

Are you practicing self-care and keeping up with the priorities in your life and work? Could your daily routines use a tune-up? Sometimes, we just need to hit the “reset” button and reboot our habits to be productive and get time back for what matters the most. We need to take time to take care of our self, and once we’ve done that, it is possible to be productive during times of stress.

What are you grateful for? While it’s productive to feel and express gratitude all year long, it’s natural to take some extra time in November, the month of Thanksgiving, to reflect on things we’re grateful for.

I’m grateful for much in my personal life. Additionally, I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service and help to others through Simply Placed. Our big purpose is to make things easier for our clients and to obliterate overwhelm so that they achieve the results they want. We help our clients implement organized systems and productive habits so that they have more time for what matters most.  

I’m full of gratitude

In this month of Thanksgiving and gratitude, I’m particularly grateful for our clients, our team and our Simply Placed community. To those who have hired us in the past, Thank You. To our current clients, Thank You. If you have engaged with us via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, we love the conversation, Thank You. To those who have been a part of our free Facebook group (if you’re not, come join us!), Thank You. If you’re in our paid “It’s About Time” group program or our private Six-Month Productivity Transformation coaching program, Thank You.

To those of you who have trusted us in your homes and offices, in person or virtually, Thank You. Thank You to those who have brought us in to your company to work with your employees through training or consulting, in person or virtually. To those who subscribe to and read our bi-monthly newsletter, Thank You. To you who have cheered us on as we did a bit of pivoting in how we served, Thank You. If you who have purchased a product or book from us, Thank You.

I want to give back. How can I make things easier for you right now? 

I’m extending a free 30-minute personal coaching session to anyone who feels it would be helpful. Given all that has transpired this year, could you use this? We’ll strategize how you can approach the end of this year productively. Excited to put 2020 behind you? We can also discuss your goals and priorities for the coming year. 

Pick a topic, question or challenge and then get laser coaching. Anything related to organization, productivity, goals, time management, having the energy you want, getting the results you desire, is fare game. Let’s get you going on a new path. Maybe it will be the part of the roller coaster ride you love the most!

Schedule Your Free Coaching Session – my gift to you!

If this is a gift you’d like to say “yes” to, please schedule your free coaching call today. It really is free. I’m honored to help you experience optimism, clarity and hope for where you’re going and what’s to come. Coaching helps accelerate results with greater ease and less stress. I’m hoping that’s a ride you’d be happy to take! Hop on board!

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