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2 Strategies to Help You Overcome the Challenge of Overloading

How Procrastination Impacts Your Productivity

Are you struggling with the productivity challenge of “overloading”?

Here’s a Q&A with Susan Husa, Transformational Life Coach with Animate Life Coaching, related to one of our blog posts. Susan’s challenge one that we hear often from our clients. If overloading is something you also struggle with, read on! In our answer, you’ll learn how you can overcome this and get time back for what matters most to you. 

Susan’s question:

Susan Husa, Animate Life CoachingMy challenge is allowing more to the list instead of saying no to something.

I just came against this challenge last week when I had two full pages of to-do’s, not counting my inbox. It happens this time of year. I indulge in summer activities. As a result things like the garden get neglected or writing notes I’d like to send are left undone. I don’t finish what I intended that day and add even more to the list for the next day!

At this point, grace is what I give myself first and foremost. I remind myself that before I add another task or meeting to my list that I finish what I committed to. I may find that I really don’t want to do the task I posted or I’ll push it out if necessary! Do you have any other suggestions? – Susan Husa, Transformational Life Coach, Animate Life Coaching

Our answer:

Hi Susan. Thanks for the great question! I would classify your challenge as that of “overloading”. You’re expecting that you’ll get more done than you actually have time and/or energy for. You’re in good company; it’s a common challenge.

Two strategies you might try:

A Weekly Review: this is where you think about what you want in the week ahead and time block priorities. This includes personal things you want to do, like gardening or other activities you love this time of year. When we use our calendar to identify when we’ll get things done, we consider how much time we want or need for that task or activity. Schedule in things that are important to you. It also gives you a visual of what you’ve already committed to (even if the commitment is to yourself). Then you can see it and consider as you decide about adding a new task to the day or week.

An End of Day Review: bring one work day to closure and set yourself up for success for the next. This is how it works: 

  1. Clear to neutral- put things away you used during the day. Process email one last time. Celebrate what you accomplished on your list and move forward things that still need to be done. Question if the things you didn’t get to are still something you want or need to do.
  2. Review tomorrow’s calendar – notice any scheduled commitments you’ve made, including to yourself. 
  3. Put tomorrow’s task list in priority order. 
  4. Review that prioritized list and, considering your calendar commitments, decide if it is realistic and reasonable. If not, move things from the bottom of the list to a different day. Alternately delegate or remove them all together. Set yourself up for success! If the next day you accomplish everything on your realistic list, you can always draw from the following day’s list or your master list. 
  5. Close up shop and “go home”, knowing you can focus on yourself, your family, recreation, relaxation, rest, etc. You’ll come in the next morning knowing right where to start work because you took the time to plan the evening before.

What’s Next?

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