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Find Time Friday: The Secrets to Being Productive

Are you looking for some simple secrets to making the most of your time? Get more work done each day so you can have more time to do what you enjoy! Try adopting some new strategies to increase your productivity today.

1. Take breaks – It may seem counter-intuitive, but taking regular breaks will help you achieve more during your workday than if you work without stopping. Our minds get tired! Take a break and refer to our previous blog post Wellness Wednesday: Take Breaks to Stretch for some great ideas on recharging and boosting your productivity! Some mindful stretching or a lap around the water cooler could make all the difference.

2. Expand your network – How big is your network of contacts? Reach out, expand your work-related circle. The more people you have to bounce ideas off of, the better! Having colleagues to lend you a hand will help you be more productive. Get organized with your networking and check out our Networking Action Binder! It’s a great tool for expanding your circle and organizing your networking related paperwork and follow up tasks.

3. Do something different – Adopt a hobby or interest that will improve the skills you don’t use in your daily work. Find something that lets you think in different ways than you’re used to! Varying your interests will keep you from getting in a rut and working mechanically.


Here’s to your productivity!

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