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Intention and Accountability – Move Your Goals Across the Finish Line

Set goals with intention and accountability

Did you set your 2021 goals with intention and accountability? If you did, it is much more likely that you will achieve them.

If you haven’t done so already, take a little time to reflect on the goals you set that are still in progress. Could you use some help and strategies to move them across the finish line, and set 2022 goals you’ll achieve? 

Moving your goals across the finish line

If you have 2021 goals you are still working on, there’s still plenty of time to reach them before the end of the year! 

Here are a few strategies you can try: 

  1. Know your why. Once you’ve settled on your one goal, think hard about why you want to achieve that goal – typically that is your motivation for moving forward. Consider posting a visual of your “why” where you’ll see it often to remind yourself what you’re working for and to stay motivated.
  2. Create an action plan. Breaking your plan down into specific steps takes away the overwhelm of a big or longer-term goal. Taking just the first step can initiate momentum to stick with the rest of the plan. Schedule that first step and then honor that time on your schedule to get it done. As you conclude the first step, if you haven’t already, schedule the next step in your plan. Rinse and repeat until you’re done!
  3. Embrace accountability. Share your goal. When we commit to something publicly, we are much more likely to follow through because someone may ask us about our progress or success. (92% more likely to follow through – how about those odds?!?)
  4. Make your goals SMART. Good intentions are not enough to make changes. You’re more likely to achieve goals if you make they specific, measurable, break them down into achievable chunks, really want them, and set a “by when” timeline. 

Looking for more support and accountability?

Do you need help starting or moving forward with your professional or personal goals? Simply Placed would love to be a resource to you! Schedule a free, no-risk Discovery Call to explore how we can help.

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