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Tech Talk Thursday: Slim Down Your Email by Cutting Out SPAM and Bacn

Tech Talk Thursday: Slim Down Your Email by Cutting Out SPAM and Bacn

Last week we brought you some high-tech options for reducing the amount of low-tech snail-mail junk that threatens to clutter your home. Similarly, our digital domain – email – can also be a source of unwanted mail, newsletters, and other inbox-clogging distractions. At Simply Placed, we love staging email interventions. And when we do, the first… Read more

How to Create Email White Space

Some of you have heard me talk about one of our most popular classes or individual consultations, the Email Intervention. We know (and perhaps you agree) that a lot of people out there are addicted to email. Others may not feel addicted, but are stressed out by the sheer volume they receive and overwhelmed by the… Read more

Need an Email Intervention?

If you don’t feel like this woman when you think about the emails in your inbox, let’s chat. Have you or someone you know ever experienced a day like this? … You come into the office and open your email to see what’s come in since you left the previous day. You essentially stay in… Read more

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