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Productivity Workshops That Will Change the Way You Work

Productivity Workshops That Will Change the Way You Work

Productivity Workshops That Will Change the Way You Work Are you interested in teaching your employees the secrets of working smarter, not harder? Last month, Debbie delivered her popular topic, “Multitasking Makes You Stupid” at the Front Seat Life 3-Day event. This is just one of several topics that Simply Placed offers through our comprehensive… Read more

Optimize Your Energy to Increase Your Productivity

Debbie recently recorded another “Keeping You Organized” podcast with national office supply company, Smead, in which she discussed the correlation between optimizing your energy and increasing productivity. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. We can’t create more than that, but we can optimize our energy to maximize our results. How? First,… Read more

3 Tips to Get Control Of Your Email

Do you need to get control of your email? Question: Help! I’m drowning in email.  I start opening email in the morning and soon hours have passed and I haven’t done anything but sift through email.  How can I both manage my email and get my work done? Answer: This is a very common challenge.  Working from… Read more

What You Need to Know About Multi-tasking

Want to learn more about the Myth of Multi-tasking? If you want to learn about the Myth of Multitasking, we’ve got some tips in this month’s issue of our Simply Placed newsletter. Want more news and tips from Simply Placed throughout the year?  Receive our newsletter directly to your inbox each month by becoming a subscriber…. Read more

Effective Email Management: Debbie Rosemont talks to Smead

As we conclude our month-long series ‘Taming the Email Beast‘, we hope you’ve been able to implement some important systems to make your email inbox manageable! We’ve given general effective inbox ideas, some specific to Gmail and Outlook users, Before we wrap it up and let you get on with your shiny new inbox, we’ve got a… Read more

Outlook Tips to Save You Time, Energy and Stress

If you’ve been with us for our series on taming email, we’ve touched on some great general advice and also tips and tricks specific to Gmail users.  If you are an Outlook user, today is your turn!   There are endless Outlook tips, features and tricks you may not know about that can make your email life… Read more

Gmail Hacks: 10 Essential Tricks to Tame Your Gmail Inbox

Did you catch our post on smart strategies to tame your email inbox? If so, now that your email inbox has been purged and systems have been set up to keep it running smoothly, it’s time to teach the tamed beast some new tricks. Today we focus on Gmail tricks and features – there are… Read more

Email Inbox Strategies for Taming the Beast

Joe sits down at his desk Monday morning.  He experiences a familiar dread as he opens his computer to hundreds of new emails. This is on top of the thousands already sitting in his inbox!  Joe starts working “on his emails” and when he looks up, it’s time to head home. He wasn’t able to… Read more

Become an Email Master!: February Blog Series

Love or hate it, there’s no denying how much email has changed the way we all communicate.  It’s quick and always accessible.  We check it at work, at home, on our phones, on our tablets….it’s everywhere and always present.  According to a study by Kelton Global, Americans now spend about 92 minutes a day with… Read more

What Could Your Business Do With $69,000?

Our last post touched on the costs of disorganization – salary dollars lost due to time wasted looking for things, and some of the more hidden but significant costs such as poor customer service, lost sales opportunities, higher employee turnover, and lower client retention. Even if you are already thinking that you or your employees would benefit from… Read more

1 Simple Tip to Reduce Email Overwhelm

Email is still the most widely used form of business communication, and most people use email frequently for personal use as well. Unfortunately many feel overwhelmed and burdened by email due to the unmanageable volume of email messages they receive every day. There are some simple ways to decrease the amount of email coming in to your inbox,… Read more

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