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Keeping You Organized for Business or Summer Travel

Keeping You Organized for Business or Summer Travel

After putting off travel plans during the last two years of the pandemic, airlines, hotels, and travel agents are all reporting that Americans are planning increased travel for late spring and summer. Are you traveling out of town this summer? A family vacation? Maybe a business trip that requires some advance planning? (If your summer… Read more

31 Day Practical Minimalism Challenge!

Intrigued by the Minimalism movement but feel like it is too extreme for you? Want to practice Practical Minimalism? Could you get rid of 465 items in your home or office right now? Join our May Minimalism Challenge, and by the end of the month you will have done just that! Last week we wrote… Read more

Reduce Email Overwhelm with One Simple Tip

Email is still the most widely used form of business communication. Most people use email frequently for personal use as well. Unfortunately, many feel overwhelmed and burdened by email due to the unmanageable volume of email messages they receive every day. There are some simple ways to decrease the amount of email coming in to your inbox. By leveraging some… Read more

How Do You Make Time For What Matters Most to You?

We all make choices with our time, but when it really matters, how do you make time for what matters most? Some days, it is just hard to fit everything you need to do into the 24 hours you’re given.  If you are overwhelmed by what you need to do or find things slipping through… Read more

The Power of Routines in Your Life and Work

We often talk about the power of routines in our daily work and lives. Working smarter, not harder, by creating productive healthy habits, routines, or rituals in your day can eliminate stress, increase productivity and help you reach your goals. Routines help you stay focused so you can get more done in less time.  A… Read more

Organizing for Virtual School Success – Part 2: Schedule and Strategies

Through organized systems and productive habits, we help busy professionals work more efficiently and make time for what matters most. While many of you are working from home and some may have kids attending school virtually, it’s more important than ever to incorporate habits and routines into your day (and theirs) so things don’t slip through… Read more

1 Habit for a Thriving Home Office

Have you recently made the switch to working from home (WFH)? Are you a WFH veteran but have never really given thought to how you work from home productively?  Working from home does have lots benefits. There’s no commute/traffic, you can wear pajamas “to the office”, and have a little more flexibility in your schedule. However,… Read more

Technology to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Have you thought about the ways in which technology can help you to be more productive in your work or life? A couple of weeks ago, Simply Placed Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant, Dana Diaz, introduced us to the Rocketbook. The Rocketbook is a quick and easy tool that digitizes handwritten notes. In today’s post,… Read more

Recycling 101: The Easy, The Harder, and the Hazardous

We all want to help the environment and do more recycling, and there are many options for disposing of items beside throwing in the trash. If we all take the extra moment to learn what can be recycled and where it should go, we can make a huge impact. Think of recycling in three parts:… Read more

Six Tasks to Tackle Today to Feel More Empowered About the Future

Are you looking for some tips, a plan, and best practices for getting yourself organized? We are pleased to welcome a guest post from Life Goes On Roadmap® Co-Founder Nancy Juetten. Here she shares her thoughts on six tasks you can tackle today to feel more empowered about the future, especially now. The ‘honey do’ list may… Read more

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