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Email Intervention on January 12th featuring Debbie Rosemont!

Email Intervention on January 12th featuring Debbie Rosemont!

  Are you overwhelmed by email? Feel like it can run your day? Join Debbie Rosemont on Tuesday January 12th for an “Email Intervention” presentation at Marenakos Rock Center, sponsored by the WA State Nursery & Landscape Association. Debbie teaches helpful strategies to reduce email processing time by diminishing email interruptions, revealing the power of decision making,… Read more

Go Paperless with Peace of Mind

Have you resisted going paperless for fear that you might lose all your files and documents due to a hard drive crash, or that a hacker may get into your computer and steal all your important information?  Perhaps you worry you will delete a document and it will take hours to retrieve it, or that your entire computer… Read more

The Secret to Help Evernote Recognize Your Handwriting

We recently received an e-newsletter from our friend Brooks Duncan at DocumentSnap. He offered a valuable tip that we just had to share. Scanning handwritten notes and saving them in Evernote can be a great way to have less paper in your work and life AND to have access to your information where ever you may… Read more

3 Reasons Why You Need a Password Manager

Being organized means being able find what you need when you need it.  Time spent searching for misplaced items or information is wasted time and usually contributes to stress, causes distraction and prevents you from staying on task. How much time do you waste either looking for or trying to recall a login or password… Read more

Get organized with Document Scanning

Should you be scanning paper documents to improve your organization and productivity?  It’s an idea worth considering.  Keep reading to find out if you should get organized by scanning documents, reasons you shouldn’t scan and tips for getting started. Should you be scanning saved paper and future in-coming paper? Converting paper documents to a digital… Read more

5 Steps to Get Business Cards Organized

Do you have a collection of business cards?  Perhaps you have collection stored in a Rolodex system, stashed in a box or file folder or scattered around in your office, dresser, car and bag.  Many people struggle to find a way to organize the business cards they receive.  Read on to learn a strategy for… Read more

Find Your Files: Strategies for Better File Naming

What’s in a name?  When it comes to naming your electronic files what you put in the name is critical to timely, accurate retrieval and ultimately digital organization. 3 Rules for Naming Electronic Files 1.  Include a date – We recommend staring each filename with the date you created the file in the following format:… Read more

Tips for Organizing and Using Gift Cards

Millions of people bought, gave and received gift cards during the holiday season.  All of these gift cards will result in billions of wasted, lost and unused dollars.  Do you have a collection of gift cards?  Don’t let them go to waste.  Here are some tips to avoid losing and wasting your gift cards: Keep… Read more

Tech Talk Thursday: Organize Your Dream Registry with SimpleRegistry

Ah – Spring is in the air! And with it comes thoughts of planning graduation events, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, golden anniversaries – you name it. It’s finally time to dust off the sandals and party! If your Spring-Summer event includes a gift-giving opportunity for your guests, consider organizing your… Read more

Tech Talk Thursday: Living in a One Computer Household

Does your household have only one computer that everyone shares? It’s more common than the tech geeks among us might think. In 2009, more than half of all households in the U.S. had just one computer. If sharing a computer is part of your routine, then consider creating individual user accounts for each person who… Read more

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