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Making a Positive Impact in the Lives of Our Clients

Making a Positive Impact in the Lives of Our Clients

In The Words of Our Clients Our clients mean the world to us. Whether it is a home organizing project we’ve helped with or a strategy we’ve shared to help them achieve a business goal, we love receiving feedback and hearing that we have exceeded their expectations. Here is a video testimonial recently submitted from… Read more

Team Organizing Makes a Big Difference in Little Time

Do you have a space that could use a refresh or re-organization? Involving your team, and ours, will make a big impact in a small amount of time. You’ve heard the phrase “many hands makes light work”? We see that in action when we get to work with a company on a team organizing day…. Read more

Small Investment Yields Huge Returns for It’s About Time Participant

We love to receive feedback from our clients, and there is no greater feeling than knowing we have helped to make a positive impact in someone’s life. “An Incredible Return on Investment” Feedback from a member of our “It’s About Time” Program. In her words … “It’s About Time” is a program where I put… Read more

Shift Happens: From Chaos to Calm

Shift happens! We love to receive feedback from our clients on our services, products and seminars, and there is no greater feeling than knowing we have helped to make a positive impact in someone’s life. From “Chaos” to “Calm” – Feedback from a recent seminar attendee: “I attended a 90 minute workshop presented by Debbie… Read more

How Systems Can Help You To Be More Efficient

At Simply Placed, we love introducing our clients to the concept of systems. A system is a set of steps or a process to follow, each and every time a task or function is performed. Systems are efficient: develop it once and follow it to save time when you execute. Whenever you follow a pre-determined… Read more

Case Study: Lisa Stirgus, Wells Fargo

Case Study: Lisa Stirgus, Wells Fargo “What I realized in working with Debbie was that when you make an investment in learning how to be most efficient and effective with organization and time management, it actually creates more time for you to do what you do best each day.” ~ Lisa Sturgis, Area President, Washington… Read more

Case Study: Michele Pearson, Pearson Law Firm

Case Study: Michele Pearson, Pearson Law Firm “Sit down with Debbie Rosemont about issues or problems. She will give you honest feedback about what she can contribute and work with you and your team to design realistic goals and timeframes.” ~ Michele Pearson, Attorney and Partner The Problem Michele is a busy partner at her… Read more

Monday Mom’s Moment: Speaking Engagements

Kelly recently spoke to a group of teens about getting and staying organized, they had the following to say about the experience: “We loved having Simply Placed present to our National Charity League group. The evening was a big hit and I think Kelly did a great job of connecting with the girls and helping… Read more

From Jewelry Chaos to Jewelry Heaven: A Simply Placed Success Story

Do you have a jewelry box, drawer or holder that looks like the one pictured to the right?  With tangled necklaces, mismatched earrings and hidden bracelets?  Check out this case study of a client project we did that took a client from jewelry chaos to jewelry heaven! Client: Stacey – busy mom of 3, business owner, and active volunteer…. Read more

Video: Simply Placed at Home

We invite you to check out another of our newest videos, Simply Placed at Home, where a couple of our residential clients discuss in their own words what impact Simply Placed has had on their home and lives.  Hear the impact Simply Placed, Professional Organizing and Productivity Consulting, made for Letitia and Leslie. For more videos from Simply Placed,… Read more

Simply Placed at Work – a new video!

Check out one of our newest videos, Simply Placed at Work featuring two of Simply Placed’s commercial clients: Nicole Turner, Executive Assistant at a Fortune 500 Company and Kirsten O’Malley, Executive Director of the Pacific Learning Academy. Listen as Kirsten and Nicole talk about the impact Simply Placed made for their work. More videos can be found on our You Tube channel…. Read more

A New Place to Call Home

You’ve searched and searched and now your search has finally come to an end; you’ve found a new place to call home! Whether you are downsizing or upgrading, you have to admit it is exciting to start a new chapter in your life. But what’s this? Your joy is suddenly replaced by overwhelm. Boxes, bags,… Read more

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